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Passed my P's!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bobby93t, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. Just passed my P's!! So relieved :grin:

    Now I can start enjoying my riding again without having to worry about practising so much!!

    And to the guys who practised with me at Homebush, the emergency brake stopping distance is 2.8m at 20 km/h and 3.6m at 30 km/h.

  2. Good on you! Do something to celebrate!
  3. Awesome! Congratulations man! :grin:
  4. Congrats bro !

    Now you can unleash the beast - GS500F

    Thanks for the info on the stopping distance. Any tips for that ?

    Was the rest of our set up correct, or is there something we missed ??
  5. Im gonna head out to homebush again tomorrow morning to practise. 10:30am.

    Ill spray extra markings for the emergency stop as well.

    Come by and show off those P's if you want, if there is a crowd we can go for a cruise as well.
  6. Thanks guys :dance:

    I'm having the third of several+ drinks to celebrate.

    The practise we did definitely paid off. Firstbike the setup we have is pretty much spot on. They do actually use a device to check your speed so you have to make sure you're doing at least 20 km/h. But, don't worry they let you practise heaps. And as everyone on here says headcheck, headcheck, headcheck. 3 guys failed for not headchecking.

    Can't make tomorrow. Will be watching the Clipsal 500.

    Good luck with your practising! See ya on the road :grin:
  7. congratz mate, this calls for some twisties!!!

    not the long wait till you get your full license!
  8. Actually yeah. I think we should go up the Old Road to celebrate :LOL:
  9. well done, congrats.
    Time for a ride.
  10. well done mate..............now just try and keep 'em :LOL:

  11. Jeff,

    I certainly will try and keep them! What could possibly go wrong?

    When I get from my holiday to NZ I'm looking forward to seeing your new bike and Karls.
  12. Good on you Duron, its a great feeling. See you around soon. Sorry if I spelt your name wrong.
  13. No worries Karl.... close spelling but no cigar!

    I plan on making a reappearance at coffee nights after NZ.

    BTW when did you decide to get a new bike?
  14. Good work mate. I knew you would pass it. :wink:
    Organise a little ride to celebrate...unless your too cool to hangout with the n0obs...joking :p…..but seriously organise a ride. :grin:
  15. I'll try and organise a ride when I get from my holiday. Will be away most of March.

    Good luck for your test!
  16. Congrats !!!!!!!

    Enjoy your holiday & see you at coffee when you get back.

  17. Congrats,
    Thats 2 successful tests for the Homebush practice crowd.
    Keep it up everyone!
  18. Congrats, I will be out at Homebush every chance I get as I go for my P's mid march. (note to self headcheck!)
  19. Always looking mate, it is an addiction.... When a bargain shows up you just have to do it.
  20. 2.8m at 20km/hr .... does that seem a bit long to anyone ? for an emergency stop.