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Passed my P's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ksystemz, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. The day was good but road ride is a little boring , on our 2nd road ride after lunch a few of us got lost so we went back to the course part and went straight to our test . 5 out of 6 passed . AND remmber headcheck , it funny how you do it throughout the day and comes to the test and you go mindblank! i got 3 point just for that but no other points! No cones knocked over done uturn , i think the hardest part was the emergancy brake , you have to do a certain speed and stop straight away .

  2. Well done matti, now I have to get my P's.

    The original matti
  3. now only 12months till you lose the girls bike and become a man. you can buy mine off me for 20k matty. mates rates, i swear thats a bargin :p
  4. There was some learner or going to be , put the cb250 right through the fence , we had to put it out , pretty bad
  5. haha sif , 50 darrah shu habbib rates
  6. Congrats Matti.
  7. Good on you Matti.
    And Deepwater, you said you would sell your bike to me for 25K! No mates rates thankyou!! I got in first!!! :LOL:
  8. dave will take your 25k now scrambles !! ha
  9. OOOOOhhhh cool! DO I have to pay extra for the wheels? Or are they included? Also how much extra for tank-cap swap over tax???
  10. extra coz he brought a new back tyre lol
  11. Actually &^$&* that, Matti I'll go with my first choice and buy your postie off you...$9500 still the asking price....?
  12. hahaha, sold ! ;)

    now ill go buys me a nice ducati 999s, :)
  13. The postie is in getting fixed , rode in for a service coming out with everything lol new brakes , bearings , heaps , thank god boss pays 4 it
  14. We might as well re-name this thread Scrambles, KSystems and Deepwater talk $hit for a while....
  15. Congrats man.

    I should do mine in the next few months and I'm looking forward to passing there.

    Congrats again.
  16. if u want will go homebush and ill tell you how to do the test test as its different from the practice , i did headchecks all day till it came to the test and i missed one,
  17. Congratulations Matti :beer:
  18. thnx haggis cant wait to go riding now , no more tests when u get ur bike back
  19. Congrats matti, the early night and relaxation worked. Well done :grin:
  20. Congrats Matti for your P.

    Deepwater confused me in the other post. He said you got the L.