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Passed my P's!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kryt, May 18, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,
    Managed to pass my P's test 1st go after not riding for about a year !!
    also managed todo it on my dads Suzuki 650 V-strom haha,

    Ive currently got a Cbr250rr n im thinking about upgrading to a LAMS 600( to de-restrict when my time comes).
    i came across the hyosung gt650r 2012 model and i really like the sitting position and feel of bike( havent test rode it) but ive read so many bad things about them

    i have also seen the fz6r and ninja 650r but they have a more upright sitting position, anyone able to give me some input on the power diff/ accell diff between all 3 compared to the cbr250rr

    sorry for the wall of text but theres so many to choose from :p thanks!
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  2. Good on you! You didn't ride for a year??? How did you manage that? I think I would have gone insane!
  3. How did you manage to be allowed to do the MOST on a non-LAMS bike?
  4. Congrats.

    Passing your P's is not the easiest thing in the world to do.

    When I did it last week 2/6 failed and the 2 who failed were the ones I thought would smash it.
  5. Hey congrat's on getting the P's.

    I've got an fz6r at the moment and I love it. I wouldn't say it's faster than a 250 but it does have more pull. It's a lot heavier than your 250 but the benefit is that it seems to cruise better on the highway.

    Note that the fz6r is throttle restricted so you will be surprised at how little throttle play you have. you get used to it very quickly though.

    Also I think it's worth considering not derestricting the bike. I bought mine thinking the same as you i.e. just unrestrict the bike when I'm allowed a more powerfull bike. The only problem is that I've noticed that restricted bikes are a lot more expensive that their non-restricted couterparts. So removing the restrictions will probably devalue the bike. I'm thinking now that I'll just sell the fz6r when the time comes and buy another bike.

    I don't have extensive riding experience but I'll give the fz6r 3 thumbs up.
  6. Blaise. the 650 vstrom falls under the Lams scheme here in canberra

    Tmax, yea 3/6 passed first go for my group, the other 3 had another attempt in the afternoon but i had left allready. everyone smashed the cone weave n uturn, just messed up thier stop and swerve

    Madrush28, would you say the fz6r had a quicker take off then a cbr?.

    so no comments on the hyosung ?
  7. Hyo's fairly reliable from 2010 onwards shouldn't have too many worries
  8. Congrats Kryt.

    If you are choosing between a Yamaha, Kawasaki and the Hyo there really is no comparison. Either bike is a billion times better than a Hyosung. Even with less k's / newer model / less money I'd go one of the Japanese bikes before a Hyo.

    I was looking at both the FZ6n and ER6n (full powered) before I got my bike, both were really nice to ride. 250s can be ultra quick or ultra crap, depending on what yours is like condition wise, but you will probably find the bigger bikes will feel more solid on the road. I have never ridden a LAMS version of either, so not sure about exactly how much the accelleration is altered from a full powered version, but it would not surprise me if your 250 was way quicker off the mark than a restricted 600. If I were you I reckon I'd consider just keeping the 250 if you can, and get a full powered bike once you are able to.

    If you do go with the LAMS version I'd agree with Madrush... you will probably lose value by de-restricting unless you can easily put it back the way it was before selling.

    If you are determined to upgrade, I have heard nothing but good things about both bikes as far as reliability goes, but the FZRs did seem to be more expensive than the ER6s when I was looking last year.