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passed my P's today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nongie, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. YAY :) as the title sez, got my P's today super stoked as u can all imagine/remember.
    i did it at ride-tek in Noble park in the Sandown parkin erea, and i do have to say for all those doing ur P's soon relax its only like 25% as hard as ur L's tbh.
    Also i have just got to say the instructor Al was just freakin awesome kept us all relaxed kept things flowing and was always talking to us the whole time could not think of anything else he could have done to settle us down and show us all we needed to know.
    So thanks Al :)

  2. sweeeet congratulations
  3. Congrats Nongie! I'm going for mine this month.
  4. Congrats !!!! :)
  5. Awesome, congrat's! : )
  6. Did you practise the exercises before attending or did you get more than enough time before the actual test to feel comfortable? Thanks.
  7. Nice work dude! Congrats
  8. Congrats mate !
    I certainly found my L's harder than my Full's test. Well done and enjoy (y)
  9. Congratulations, thats a big one out of the way.
  10. we actually had the half day course booked so we had heaps of time to get things done, i figured i coulda booked just for the test but it was only $50 more and i felt it was money well spent.
    we went over all the test things (which btw there is only 2 real parts to the test left/right corners and swerve left/right and stops) but we also did a heap of other stuff which was great fixed me up on a few things and some pointers in other areas.
    so i found that after the 5-6 hours with Al not only did i have my P's but i felt that lil bit more confident if that makes sense?
  11. Very smart move imo. Regardless of weather you felt that your could pass the test straight off the bat or not, taking every oppurtunity to have a much more experienced rider take the time to give you some pointers is priceless.