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Passed my Ps in Tassie!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cichli, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. Beautiful day for a ride and a test as well... I just managed to scrape through the test on one of DECA's Viragos (didn't want to try on the scooter and have an automatic license)... Thought it might be worth posting to let any Tassie people planning to go soon know about the 'new' training company. Basically all that is different from the way Stay Upright used to run it is that the test is now in the middle of the day (before the road ride etc.). Makes a lot of sense to do it that way I reckon! The trainers up here (Launceston) are a great bunch of guys - actually enjoyed the day! Now to get stuck into some real learning on the road...

  2. Congrat's cichli!!!
  3. brilliant, it such a relief hey.
  4. Well done :)
  5. enjoy the ride - congrats
  6. Congrat's and enjoy. I've got 3 weeks to go.
    Stay safe.
  7. Congrats on passing.
  8. congratulations! im going for my Ps in a month or two.