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Passed my MOST - some tips

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Appoooh, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. I passed my MOST at HART St Ives yesterday. I found the experience somewhat like losing your virginity - a bit of a disappointment after all the buildup, it really is pretty easy (on the right bike).

    One tip for riders about to take the test: don't attempt it on your Ducati Monster 659. Two of the other riders used them on the day and both failed - miserably. Not only were the Ducati's overheating during the practice session but both of them had accrued enough points to be sent home by the end of the cone weave / u-turn. Neither made the u-turn during the MOST or during practice.

    The instructor told me that he'd only seen one Monster 659 pass the MOST in the three or so years he'd been conducting the test.

    They sounded good though... :)
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  2. Congrats on passing the test! The bikes they have at the test generally are the best ones to do it on.. Normally some variant of a 125 Honda etc..
  3. That's funny, Ducati's for tests. Even funnier they failed!
  4. The coffee must not have been to their liking :p
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  5. I had to google what MOST was..... I did my P's / Licence with Hart, don't think I have every heard it being referred to as that.

    Must be a NSW thing!
  6. If you have a big wheel base and aren't a classy rider, you're gonna have a bad time. Do it on the little 125s they provide.
  7. My MOST instructor swears blind hes seen it done on a goldwing though
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  8. I used their CB125 and it was a piece of piss. Apart from just normally riding my bike I didn't even practice for it.
    That said, having done it I reckon I could do it pretty easily on my xvs with a bit of practice.

    Check out that vid of the seppo cop on a harley going round the cones in the states. It can be done on a heap of big bikes if you have the skill.
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    Last edited: Sep 8, 2015

    skill level = japanese.
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  10. Congratulations on passing the MOST.

    I dont know what it has to do with a motorcycle. It has to do more with the operator. I would say that overconfidence is a problem for some people when they go for their tests. I know that Ducatis do not have the best turning circles but neither have had the honda 250 cruisers that some people passed their tests when I did mine.
  11. Congratulations, feels awesome doesn't it.

    Yeah when I did my test at St Ives a guy passed on a Duc without incurring a single point, I got 1 point for tapping a toe down due to the other reason I think people fail i.e. nerves, my skill level went way down due to suffering performance anxiety and tensing up really badly.
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  12. Easiest bike to do the MOST on, a Honda Postie. Counts as a manual as you have to change gears, even though it has an automatic clutch.
  14. Thanks for the tip I've been tossing up whether to risk it on my Ducati I'd rather pass on a hire bike and continue to practice my riding skills later they're a great ride but the turning circle makes the u turn seem almost impossible in 6.1m on the Ducati
  15. I thought the u turn was in 4.something metres? Can't remember...

    I saw that peg scraping Harley vid a while ago, unbelievable what a skilled operator can do. Apparently the police motorcycle training in America (at least some parts) is pretty good, and I've seen a few motorbike cops in Sydney throwing their bikes through the traffic beautifully. Thankfully they've not been coming after me haha
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  16. Digging an old thread I know.. but just wanted to say that I think I'm the one rider who passed on a 659 the instructor referred to! Sorry for tooting my own horn, but I'm pretty pleased about it!
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  17. Well done I'm still tossing up to hire or ride mine what was the hardest the u turn?
  18. If you think u turns are hard then you'll probably struggle with the test. Get into the car park and sort yourself out with two empty spaces and u turn until you don't need to practise u turning any more. Do it both left and right, it's good practise for the parking cone slalom they require too. The test is a right hand u turn, keep the revs up and ride the rear brake and you'll be fine. If you're not confident, keep practising
  19. Thanks for the advice I've read previous threads which said the u turn was almost impossible on the 659 and they'd never seen a success it scared me off a little
  20. I love a challenge. I'd almost want to do it on the duc just to prove a point... Save ur pennies though, make sure it's possible for you before you book it haha
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