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Passed my L's today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. Now i just need the darn bike!!!!!

    Passed my L's today :woot: :dance: :beer:

    Just want to say big thanks to Tony down at Ride-Tek. Top instructor and a really good relaxed atmosphere.
  2. congrats at the Ls and using a great place to go for your Ls :)
  3. :dance: Well done & happy hunting for the bike.
  4. hehe 1296 posts before i get them... thats gotta be a record???:biker:

    yeeah the place was great and Tony has a really great way of teaching. (kinda like my Dad)

    nowi guess i'll be out trying on bikes for size whenever i get a chance :twisted:
  5. congrats mate, :wink:
    ...what bike are you looking to get?
  6. looks like i'll be seriously considering the GPX.... seems to fit me just right.

    or a zzr if I can find one for my budget .

    was seriously looking at a SPADA, but with the weather around here i'm gonna need that extra protection from a fairing inthe cold and wet.
  7. congrats mate, safe riding ;)
  8. Yeah nice selection in mind.
    The ZZR is a really nice bike, asethetically and mechanicaly, ive done a bit of reserach on them myself.
    Im a pretty tall guy, standing at 6"7' (2m) and 90kg and i found the bike to have a comfy fairing around the tank, my legs fit in perfectly, and the reach to the bars is good.
    Though i still dwarf the bike :LOL:
    Yeah the prices and be steep, but from what ive seen they have a really good market value when you want to sell them again, depends on how long you want to keep the bike as well.

    Other bikes to keep in mind would also be the VTR250 if like the nakeds or the GSX250F Across, they also fit pretty well.

    Good luck with it all Drew, you just gotta find the bike that suits you :grin:
  9. then forget about the GPX, the faring on them does only a little more than the headlight on the SPADA :p :p

    seriously, dont be a wuss :wink:

    and congrats on the licence, the phrase "about bloody time" springs to mind :LOL:
  10. Welcome.
  11. LOz... ANY benefit from the fairing is better than getting pelted with cold rain..

    and yeah it was about bloody time!! now... how long to get the darn bike i wonder???
  12. Congratulations!

    I got my L's with Tony too.
  13. Congrats Drew, if I say "about time" would that mean im on teh band wagon? At least you have thawed out from a cold windy day. Then again you were wearing a toasty jacket :)

    Was a good day and congrats.

  14. Thanks Tony.... yeahi think that qualifies as the band wagon..... has been a regular topic :) will definately be back for some more once I'm on the road

    yeah the jacket was great...... a Netrider special.
  15. :) :) :cool: :cool:

    Hey Drew, congrats on getting the Ls.

    I would say get the zzr but then again I'm biased since i own one :grin: . Just sit on the bike/s you're interested in, then take them out for test ride to see which one best suites your requirements. (budget, height etc)
  16. yeah the ZZR is stretching the budget a bit..... depends what i can find. otherwise looks like the GPX is the at the moment though.

    but still got to consolidate some $...

    thanks all. has taken a while... but i have em now.
  17. Go Go Go ..... GPX.

    Congrats Drew.
  18. Congratulations Drew!

    Stay upright.

  19. in my opinion the GPX is too small... have you riden the HYOSUNG GT250R??
    so hot
    so sexy...

    either way... CONGRATS!
  20. no but i've sat on one.... not very comfy for me...i don't really like the real racer type positions much.. too much on the back.

    oh btw...... who edited my thread title???