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Passed my license test :-)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Janek75, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Hi all, just to share my excitement after passing my license test at Hart Somerton yesterday! It was rather straight forward however ride from Box Hill to Somerton in this crazy windy weather was quite of of a thrill!
    I took half a day course. It was just enough time for a bit of a practice before the exam itself.

    Instructor told us, which you probably already know, that all the licensing rules will change from October 2015 and will involve road test component. It will be much more complex process. Not cheaper either.

    Thanks all for all the valuable feedback during mentoring and practice sessions.

    It's only beginning of the journey and I'm looking forward to it.

    See you all round! :woot:
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  2. Congratulations & Well done Janek75Janek75 :]
  3. Congratulations. Now the learning begins.
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  4. Yes this will be Stage 2 of the Graduated License Scheme. full details are still a bit sketchy.

    Congratulations on the License.
  5. Once we know the details we may need to extend the Saturday Practice syllabus.
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  6. Congratulations! its a good feeling ditching that L plate :)
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  7. Congrats on passing your test. Be careful and stay safe out there.
  8. Well done!
  9. Congratulations Janek75Janek75! Great job ditching L-target :) Learning never stops, but at least you can relax now somewhat, there is no deadlines to meet. Have fun and stay safe!
  10. I usually Ride to Saturday Practice, I never take the SyllaBus.
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  11. Well done, Janek.

    Now you're no longer a learner, other road users may assume you've been riding all your life. in heavy traffic, this can lead some to think your skills are better than they actually are right now.

    Be sure to have your wits about you at all times. Ride safe, mate.
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  12. Congrats Janek..

    It is a good feeling... Isn't it?

    All the best..
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  13. Congrats Janek75Janek75 on passing.. let the latte's flow!
  14. Woooohooo Janek75Janek75 well done. Enjoy your next phase!

    Kudos to the Vic learner helpers as well! :)
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  15. Congatulations mate.
  16. Thanks all for kind words, most appreciated :)
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  17. well done on the pass ride smart & enjoy
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  18. Congrats Janek75Janek75. Good one, buddy, now the real learning (and fun) begins :)
  19. maybe I should get mine
    but its 0% alkihol on Ps
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  20. Wise words