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Passed My License :o)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dracomjb, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. The wife and I passed our License test today at HART Tullamarine just over 3 months after getting our Ls.

    Excellent staff as usual at HART, felt weird getting on the HART bikes after riding almost daily on my V-Star 250.

    Loved the section where they took us through lots of curves as quickly as we could.

  2. Good stuff... can you detail the day a little? I intend to do the same at HART once my 3 months is up.
  3. Congratulations to both of you - now you can both go thru curves and enjoy the thrill that is motorcycling :cool:
  4. well done, happy riding!!
  5. Basically going over the basics again, but with more riding time. Emergency stops, swerving (aka counterstearing), slow riding and going around curves.

    Day started around 9am after paperwork, morning tea around 11, lunch around 12, afternoon tea around 3 and the test just after that.

    One thing, don't worry about the test. Unless you screw up big time or drop the bike it's almost mathmatically impossible to fail.

    6 tests, max of 8 points per test and 40pt to pass (low points = better).
  6. Congrats guys, well done. Be going for mine in the next couple of weeks, did my Ls three months ago.

    Enjoy your riding. :grin:
  7. Congrats to you both, did my L's and licence at tulla. see you on the road.
  8. Well done dracomjb, enjoy.
  9. thats fantastic - so many people getting their licence/L's.

    Anyone who is going for their licence, you shouldnt worry too much about the test. I found the L's harder because for me it was the first time riding a road bike and getting used to using indicators and looking where your going and not at the ground.
    When you get your L's you learn alot on the road and a little bit more confident.

    I aced my test although i ended up getting a private test session because some wally waited too long and being a week before christmas class's were all booked out, luckily a friendly instructor offered to do it privately for a few extra $$

    gained 4 points from the banana curve and aced the stupid light thing.
  10. Congratulations you two! I did mine at HART Kilsyth. Practising the windy bits was great fun :grin:

    I had concussion and serious flashbacks from my accident less than 2 days before, and yet still managed to enjoy the day! Ls were more difficult for me too - never having ridden a bike before.
  11. Conratulations to u and ur wife.
  12. Congrats to you both. I'm booked in for the license test at Tulla next Tuesday. Let's hope it's 10/10 for me too :grin: