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Passed my licence today!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by little_miss_cowgirl, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. :grin: :dance: :grin: :grin: Words escape me!!

  2. now u can ride that pony like u wana
    good stuff
  3. That's sensational! Good stuff cowgirl :grin:
  4. Congrats on passing, well done! :grin:
  5. Excellent, well done !!!
  6. Congrats on passing.

    Was it easier than you thought? Really no point stressing too much over it.

    All those laps of the spur must be helping though.
  7. Actually to be honest I cant say that I really enjoyed the experience!!. It rainied for most of it and literally pissed down in the arvo when I went for the test. I dropped the bike on my first emergency braking practice early in the day and after skidding around abit the guys changed my bike as the tyres were a bit worn. So I wasnt that confident about my braking from then on and almost lost it again in the test - skidding again but managed to keep upright! However its good to realise where I need to practice more - I had only been practicing sudden braking in the dry weather. Was advised to go trail bike riding as well to get used to skidding and handing the bike so will have a go at that. My swerves and cornering werent a problem and got positive feedback with where I was at with that so it sorta evened me out abit by the end of the day. Still scored well with in the group and am blessed with a dry day up here to go out again. Doing the spur has been a great help and I love it which sorta offsets how cold i feel afterwards!! Cheers :dance:
  8. Congrats cow girl!!
    What bike did you use to do your test?
  9. A CB 250 - Which basically rides like mine so it wasnt hard to get used to. Cheers
  10. grats, I hated doing my Ls on CB 250s, too small, gave me cramps (sometimes my bike feels too small :S)
  11. congrats hun. I managed to crash on the quick stop in the test and had to come back the week after. I practiced my braking alot though and the second time i did the test, it was raining again and I stopped perfectly.

    Practice makes perfect :grin: