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Passed my licence test!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Layzie, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. Just passed my licence test at Armstrongs!! Feelinn good!

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  2. Congratulations LayzieLayzie. Stay safe out there and stay upright.
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  3. Congrats :)
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  4. Now get ye down to the Yarra boulevard and fang it.
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  5. Hi! I'm just new here. I also recently passed my test at Armstrong as well (highly recommend them, although I can't compare). And like most of us I assume, I'm contemplating between the bike I would love to have and the bike I should get if I'm smart (Honda VTR250 likely). I will get into the forums and read up on your advice previously.
  6. Howdy, congrats & welcome to NR!
  7. Well done LayzieLayzie! Congrats on getting rid off your yellow target plate (y) Enjoy and stay safe!
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  8. Thanks everyone!
    Only got 5 points deducted which is awesome. Trainer said i nailed the right curve in terms of speed and lean, but throughout the training he really pushed me to my limits. Made me overcome the fear that I've always had when i was on my learners which is ending up with the bike sliding under me. He said dont be scared to lean as the bike will stay up right as long as i keep the throttle steady and i dont brake in the turn. When i was riding back home there's this corner that always fears me and i normally turn into that corner at 25km/h but after practicing all day and taking in what the trainer said, I managed to turn into that corner at 40km/h.

    Definitely recommend Armstrongs and especially their 7 hours licence test for those inexperienced learners or even experienced learners if you want to just enjoy and have fun on the day.

    Felt a bit weird riding to work today without my Ls and hi-viz. Felt a bit naked haha. But I definitely feel much more confident after the session yesterday.

    FYI, I've only had done about 5000kms of riding since I got my Ls but I'm sure that I have much more to learn.
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  9. Congratulations on your license. Just a heads up - in secret the government wants your license back. Keep an eye out for speed camera's and try not to give them the opportunity to get it back. It can be difficult to do at times, but well worth hanging onto. ;)

    Joking aside - it's such a relief and an accomplishment to know that there's nothing left for you to do now to prove yourself but to just go and enjoy your riding. No more tests, and the restrictions will soon drop off as time flies by! May your rides be bee free, and your wheels remain the right side up (or down) :)
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  10. Had the choice between the cbf250 or vtr250 before the course started and i jumped straight to the vtr. I've always wanted to ride a vtr250 and finally got the chance to. :)
  11. Congrats Layzie!!! Well done. Do you have a bike lined up?
  12. Thanks mate. Nah nothing at the moment. Might keep my cb250 for now and learn as much i can while I've got it.
  13. congrats well done
  14. Congrats Layzie, stay safe.
  15. Good thinking. Ride safe.
  16. my first bike was a VTR250.. loved it!
  17. Well done doing most next week hope I'm feeling the same way this time on Wednesday
  18. A license is a good start ... now the learning really begins :)