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Passed My Licence Test =D

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Passed my stage 2 Rider Safe today. If anyone failed to pass that test then there is something wrong. That is so freakn easy. I am worried that you can just come back and do it again and then it is all sweet and your on the road. Scares me... Really does.

    Anyway 12 months and here comes the big one. (Big bike search that is) I want a 600/700 of some description, but this stupid LAMS idea is really irritating.

  2. congrats on the licence. what did you have to do for your test?
  3. Ty.

    They just get you to practice sum stuff that is in the test on other bits of the course. But they have an S bend that you have to do without crossing the line. A figure 8 u-turn without crossing the line or touching ground. Weaving between approx 8 cones on the ground without crossing lines (about 1m apart), and riing between 2 parallel lines for 15 seconds without crossing or touching ground. Then a basic braking test that you get upto 30kph then have to brake when they say within 11 metres. :) Piece of cake.
  4. Lucky there was no gravel :)
  5. BTW Congratulations
  6. Ta, nah they do it all on suprisingly enough SMOOTH bitumen. It is only a new facility.
  7. Congrats
    Personally, I'd keep your current bike till your restrictions are over, otherwise you've got to buy a new bike now & another 1 in 12 months
  9. Yeh edgelett, I am keeping this bike :( Being a good boy... But when I get off restrictions. Look out :LOL: I will be getting a new bike pretty much straight away (when I find one I am happy with) but I can tell you one thing... It won't be a naked ;)

    P.S. Tnx guys
  10. 'grats sketchie!

    I just passed mine (NSW MOST) this arvo too :)
  11. Well, congratulations to you as well :)
  12. Don't be so cocky.
    As you can see from my thread I just posted I passed with no errors but I could easily have borked some things with all the nerves I had.

    For people who want to know what it involves.
  13. Congratulations to both of you, sketchie and bragi0.
  14. Well done! I'm dreaming of more powerful days too :)