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Passed my learners

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by MADAZ_ROTARY, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Well i finally did my pre learners test on the weekend which i flew threw without a problem, and today i went to service tas to get my licence :grin:

    I was suprised at how easy the L's course was. Also the fact that the instructors went out of there way to show riders who were breazing through the L's test some of the P's course while the other riders were finishing off the L's test, this was great in my opinion and now im sure i will be fine doing the P's test in 6 months time. The instructers at DECA seemed very good and for my first day an ex-work mate was the one running the course which was good to settle minor nerves :LOL:

    I am now waiting for my car to go to its new owner and get the final payment on it so i can go and pick up my new bike :p :twisted:

    See you out there.

  2. Congrats on the pass

    So what did you end up getting?
  3. 07 SM610 is on order in red and white :cool:
  4. Congratulations.
    im booked in for the 9th Sept for my L's.
    something ive always wanted to do but just never got around to doing.
    after the (cage) drive i had today from Warrnambool to Port Campbell, i seriously cant wait to hit the GOR on 2 wheels.
    funny thing though is that ive lived here for years but today was the first time i even bothered to head that way.
    things you do when your bored (things you should have done years ago!)
    anyway, hope you enjoy the new bike!
  5. Congrats...good luck with the bike
  6. Hi all,

    I did my first two L's days last week, failed the second day (bad case of the nerves) redid the second day on tuesday, did the knowledge test today.

    Just came back from my first ride (legal)

    I can't believe why i waited so long i had an absolute blast. :biker:

    Just thought i would let you all know

  7. Good work :grin:

    I must admit my first legal ride felt dman good to, now i just need my new bike and i will be on it 24/7 (well when im not working or sleeping :p )

  8. Great stuff - sure you'll enjoy.

    When do you collect?

    Look forward to the pics of the new arrival :cool:
  9. Hey, congratulations!

    Yeah, I thought the instructors with DECA up here were really nice. They explained exactly what they wanted from you and the best way to do it. My friend and I saw one of them on the street last week, we were going to accost him and grill him for tips but decided going to lunch was a better idea. :cool:
  10. Congrats on the Ls Dude, good luck with the new bike.
  11. Should be here in a few weeks, they are still looking a for a Ti coloured one first then if they have no luck by this week i will place the order for the red and white. either way what ever colur im sure i will be happy with my purchase


  12. Congrats Az & Missa! Sure does make you wonder why you waited, hey? :grin:
  13. i kno its illegal in aus for the first year,
    but is it sensible at all to get a 600 gixxer as a first bike?
    will i be able to learn to ride on one and how gud r my chances on getting caught?
  14. hmmm....

    not really.

    Getting caught. Probably within 10 minutes!
  15. No its not sensible. Yes you can learn on it, but increase chance of stacking it since you'll be noob + using something much harder to control + pressure of dropping something v. costly instead of a POS. Also you will be uninsured so if you hurt someone it comes out of your pocket. And bikes are pulled over for rbts and general harassment far more than cars.. So chances of not getting caught are minimal.

    Basically, dont even bother mate.

    If you must have a powerful bike, get a gt650r with LAMs restrictions (assuming you are in a state that uses them) and derestrict it (rego sticker still says its legal).
  16. whats lams?
  17. Learner approved motorcycle scheme,
    dude thats how u know the '600 gixxer' is illegal for
    look here 'LAMS'
  18. you can anyone please hook me up with the 5 answers for the 5 extra learners test questions for bike in QLD?
  19. congrats on the pass mate,

    regarding the gixxer... a wise man once told me - you gotta take a step before you leap!

    stick to the legal learners bikes for a while before moving up :moped:
  20. lol who passes what?

    i just wanna kno the answers to the bike learners questions, theres only 5 of em in QLD