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Passed my learners today!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ageg, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    Just letting ya'll know i completed my learners test today at Motorcycle Motion today in Morrabbin. That place was a huge help to me and i recommended it to everyone here thinking about going for their bike licence. I had no idea about bikes before i started there and after 6 hours of training i am a whole lot better :).

    So now im picking up my bike tomorrow and will start practicing on the quiet roads around my street till i have enough confidence to go out onto the real roads :). When i get enough skill i might even tag along for the adopt a rider thingy you guys do on here.

  2. Congratulations ageg, feels good don't it.
  3. Congrats ageg
  4. Congrats Ageg - what bike are you getting?
  5. thanks :). umm looking at a 1992 ninja zx2r during the week now
  6. Congrats Matie!!! welcome to the club :)
  7. Feel free to go along to the Saturday Learner Sessions and Sunday Learner/New Rider/Cruisey Riders. check the Vic section for futher info.
  8. Good one.

    I passed a couple of learners today, but they sank.

    Just like motorcycling, it's a sink or swim proposition, so try to be one of the Floaters.

    A Floatercyclist, if you will.
  9. Congrats.

    You can now live free and longer.
  10. Nice work! Good to hear you're getting your bike so soon. Enjoy!
  11. I now have officially joined your ranks today!
    Passed the Stay Upright 9 hr course today.... so now feel I am able to post an intro thread ;) I'm going to give it a good crack to get it out on my license tomorrow so I can buy a bike on the weekend! WOOOHOO!

    oh yeah long day - in 36 degrees... so was a bit hot!
  12. Congrats :) welcome to the club
  13. Belated congrats to you matey!