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Passed my L Rider Course Today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by gillsy83, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    I passed my L's at Upright today (except two grazed shins :) I did well,

    I had my heart set on a 2008/9 GS500F but after chatting to a few people down at the centre apparently I can get a Honda CBR250 for around 3/4k 1990 model.

    What would people recommend, I'm never going to be able to afford a new car, so was kinda hoping to get a new bike and have something nice.

    However the CBR250 I saw today was 1991 and looked good.

    What would people recommend for a first bike the GS500 or CBR250?

    Which will do more in longer term? Better resale for when I upgrade etc.

    Thanks for your help, and experience everyone will impart over the new 12 months.

  2. GS500 without the fairing will be a better bike imo

    What will you be using it for? Commuting or weekend riding?
  3. Hi,

    Welcome and congratulations on getting your licence.

    Personally I'd go for the GS500F... great bike! It will do more in the longer term than the CBR250 in my opinion. A great, easy to ride bike. Excellent for commuting, has a nice torque curve and is up for some touring if you are too.

    Not that the CBR250 can't do those things, but I feel the 500 will do them a bit better.

    Why would you pay 3-4k for a 20 year old 1990 model CBR250 when a brand new GS500F rolls out of the dealer on the road for 8 grand? Cheaper second hand of course.

  4. Mainly communting, I live near Sydney Airport, and have to ge to North Sydney.

    But some weekend riding to, Central Coast, South Coast etc.
  5. Thanks :)

    Yeah thats what I thought, and everyone keeps recommending it so i'll think i'll stick with the GS500

    and thanks, my ego was a bit bruised when I bunny hopped it but everything else is good.
  6. Well, I've had the GS500 since getting my L's in Dec and it hasn't missed a beat.
    IMO, there's no way I'd swap my GS500 for any LAMS 250.
    The GS is by no means a fast bike but the extra cc is well worth and a little more forgiving if you find yourself in a too higher gear in places.
    IMO, I'd say the GS500 and the CB400 are amoungst two of the best learner bikes around and both easy to handle.
    Remember, only a short time ago the GS required a non-restricted license.

    Anyway,good luck on whatever you choose and enjoy the ride.