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Passed MOST & won the Mature Age Exemption battle with R

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Renee_AW, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. HOORAY....I passed MOST.

    I was not doing well ALL day....during the drill of the test exercises I was rubbish! My saving grace...I had practiced. While others spent the break before their test stressing they couldn't do it I spent my time telling myself I could...after all I had done it many times before. I closed my eyes and visualised perfect completion of each test.

    My battle....I was a NSW licence holder for many years then moved to the UK so my NSW licence expired for a few years as I had a British licence. The RTA told me I did't qualify for an exemption - I accepted that but asked them to explain why when my licence had been transferred 'unrestricted' and then they placed a restriction on me. There was a long trail of emails where I started to feel like Pauline Hanson 'please explain','please explain', 'please explain' - I just wanted to understand.

    They couldn't give me an explanation so told me if I could provide evidence from the DVLA (licencing body in UK) that I had held a licence for the period & had no cancellations or endorsements that I would be granted the mature age exemption.

    I got the documents from the DVLA & now have an unrestricted Rider licence.

    I know I still have lots of learning to do but it feels good to have gotten this far. :grin:
  2. Congrats and well done for battling the "system" and winning :grin:
  3. Well done! I am surprised you got what you wanted from the government, much respect :grin:
  4. Thats great congrats

    I did the opposite with my test i got so worked up and nervous i was sweating and could stand still however it seemed to help once i started the test as i didnt loose a single point.
  5. Nice one
  6. Nice work.

    The RTA are a pack of useless twits.
  7. I had a similar story with the rta.

    They wouldn't give me the full license because I've only been on the nsw car license for 2yrs. I had to explain to them that I had my ACT license before that for 10yrs and that I swapped to NSW when I moved here. The lady said "no, you need to have your NSW license for 5yrs". I said "F#$k off and let me talk to your superior your stupid B#@ch"(NO, I didn't really say that) But I did explain to them that the mature rider exemption required unbroken Australian License not just NSW. After a bit of fuffing around they let me have it.

    With regards to the RTA, you just have to stand up for yourself as half the time they just don't know what they are doing. If I had just stood there and taken it up the date then i wouldn't be riding my Z750.
  8. What is a mature age exemption, as I have never heard of that one.
    Age 80 maybe, but at 66 ????????????????
  9. That's right, in NSW when you have 66 posts on a motorcycle forum you are exempt from taking any license tests and are given a complimentary R1 with a $1000.00 fuel voucher. :p

    I think you are looking at post line instead of the age line. :grin:

    But to anwser your question. In NSW if you are over 30 you can bypass the P's. You still have to do your P's test, but when you go to the RTA with your pass certificate you get your full license instead. There are still a couple of restrictions like no pillions but you can have any bike you want. As discussed earlier you need to have an unbroken license for min 5yrs.

    I just had a look at the RTA website and it looks like there are some new changes coming into effect in June so I don't know how all this will be affected.
  10. I'll take the fuel and licence offer, But the R1, do I have a choice, Maybe a chain and sprockets, with a set of tyres thrown in.
    Or, Some one to wash my bird for the next five years, Female. preferably.
    Thanks for the info,
  11. alas poor NSW; the Coalition promised before the last election that its FIRST act in Government would be to abolish the RTA, so what did we do? We elected Labor again.

    Congrats on beating these faceless and mindless drones, mate!!
  12. I assume your previous licence was a car only licence, and not a motorcycle licence? Otherwise the issue seems rather strange.

    In Victoria as a returning mature age rider (at 46) I only had to prove that I had previously had a full motorcycle licence (which was separate from the car licence back then, and it expired when I didn't renew), then complete the written and full licence test, and I was given a new full, unrestricted licence.

    Vicroads is no better than the RTA in NSW (Vicroads also had trouble working out what I had to do), so I assume any returning rider in NSW who previously had a full licence would go through something similar to what I did. This situation only applies to returning riders whose licence expired before car and motorcycle licences were combined, back in the '80's from memory.

    Of course if you only had a car licence previously, the situation is entirely different.
  13. Congrats....... any dealings with the RTA is a pain in the ass, but coming out the other end with a win is good.
  14. Just out of curiosity, does being over 30 magically impart you with information and skills, allowing you to handle any motorbike you want without chance of injury or mistake?
  15. Yes.
  16. Vicroads was excellent with me when I changed my licence from an NSW one to a Vic one. I had restrictions in NSW that disappeared here. :cool: I think majority of RTA and Vicroads staff ere on the side of caution if they don't know until brow beaten with emails as the OP proved. In my case I found the one bloke at Vicroads who didn't give an shit! :LOL:

    FYI: That was at the Dromana Vicroads. :cool:
  17. Prez you are on fire. 'ken pisser, as was "yes' answer in later post. 2 more good one's and its a Logie for best anonymous biker dude
  18. Going for my P's in the morning!!!
    Ive been assured by RTA that once I pass my test I will be on unrestricted even thou I have had 3 suspended periods of no more than a month on each occasion due to parking fines not being paid with a 1yr good behaviour bond which is finished which also the judge didn't disqualify me due to my great representaion by "MYSELF" :grin:
    If I had been disqualified (DUI or loss of points) then I wouldn't be able to go on unrestricted.
  19. No, but the greater political ramifications if a 30 year old dies on the road on a bike are MUCH less then if a 19 year old does, think of the children etc.
  20. Its a shame they are going to get rid of the 30 yo mature rider exemption next month, after June even if you are 50 and have been driving for 30 years you will have to stick to a lams bike for the L and red P period, if you are under 25 you will go on green P's for an extra 2 years.

    Over 30 doesn’t give you the bike riding skills, but it makes you a little less risky and I feel that being over 30 with a lot of car driving experience you get a feel for how the traffic moves, and you can forecast things like cars coming out of driveways side streets, people changing lanes, if you ride with the traffic like a car does you are usually safer than if you ride like a motorcyclist, because car drivers don’t anticipate the maneuvers a bike can pull of, things such as lane splitting and filtering are dangerous, and taking curves at high lean angles. I’m not saying if i have ever done these things but if im not in a rush/race why risk it