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passed MOST today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mugen1, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. Hey guys!

    Another "passed my Ps test" threads..

    Just a bit of background, got my Ls in july this year, rode a saturday about every weekend leading up to the test, so not that much experience but to pass MOST you gotta keep practice your slow riding, lots of clutch control!!

    Did the MOST at HART, st ives, so big thanks to Phil our instructor who gave us plenty of practice and advice and everyone else who was there i know the weather really sucked! But at least it didnt thunderstorm like the forecast :)

    I was real skeptical about passing because i hadn't ridden for a few weeks prior due to the weather.But with the support of the other riders on forums and the guys at HART i passed.

    So to the L platers, just riding around will help but definitely pop by a quite car park and practice slow riding and weaves :)

    I also think this website gives good info/videos on what to expect at the provisional test:


  2. Congratulations... I did mine there a few weeks ago (during that freakin' dust storm that enveloped Sydney). I have to agree with the ride/practice more, I've clocked up near 6000km in just under 3 months. Getting more confident and aware as the km's click on by.

    Gotta love how you practice your MOST using the old U-Turn box only to find out that the real test uses a box 1.5m wider :)
  3. Congratulations, its a big achievement and you did it!
  4. hey Blaise!

    haha tell me about it, when he showed us the actual lines (U turn and 90 deg. left turn lines) we had to do the test on i almost jumped into the air!

    6000k in 3 months? thats some serious riding mate!

    thanks elfy! only 1095 days til restrictions are dropped, hahaha....
  5. Congrats! Its a good feelin hey, even with the 3 years of Ps to go.

    There is a prac session with all the elements marked out at homebush too. Its laid out in tape/paint for anyone to use anytime if you wish and you can come on Tuesdays if you want. cheers
  6. thanks yoda!

    yeah great feeling passing especially since the whole day was just building tension towards it!

    3 years is a bit daunting but what can u do right..