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Passed MOST but my poor missus didn't

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Pepper, May 25, 2016.

  1. Last weekend me and the missus attended our pre provisional and MOST test.

    I passed despite rooting my u-turn incurring a 5 point penalty.
    The missus however aced everything until the swerve test at the end. You know, the one where it's a instant fail if you boob it. Well long story short, she just clipped the half tennis ball and was failed. I'm devo for her as she was on track to pass without incurring any penalties all on a Suzuki boulevard too.
    The biggest kick in the spadge for her is that it was the part of the test she was least worried about.
    It is what it is I suppose.
    Sucks though when another guy who was there could hardly balance the cb125 he was on and how he performed the test while wobbling and stabbing at the front brake is beyond me.

    Just a tip
    Jodie's L's is due to expire before she can re-sit the most test again. She went to RMS and as long as you have completed the pre-provisional training they will renew your L permit for another 12 months so you can do the MOST past your original expiry date.
    That way you don't have to do the L course again
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  2. Congrats on getting your Ls, sorry to hear about the missus.
    Tell her not to stress and I'm sure she will ace it next time :)
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  3. Bummer...commiserations to your missus.
    But congrats to you. Maybe hide your Ps until she gets hers

    (BTW what in the hell is a spadge :woot: )
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  4. Both congrats and bummer.
  5. Congratulations for you and I do feel sorry for your other half. By the sounds of it she should get it next time.
  6. Happy face and sad face... How long before she can take it again?
  7. You can't take it for 7 days.
    However due to high demand she can't get back in till the 18th which is after her license expired. She got a 12 month extendo on her L's but can go back to do the MOST on the 18th of June.
  8. Congrats and what a bummer. I could be wrong but on a brighter note when she sits the MOST again I think she only needs to attend the second half of the day.
  9. Haha Oldmaid, my bike already has the p plates on. I did point it out to her this morn and copped it.
    I was/am gutted for her though. For her to do 100% good until the last second sucks.
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  10. Cograts to you!

    Commiserations to your missus and her kicked spadge. Hope they are feeling better soon!
  11. That's true Andrew West. Only have to rock up for the MOST and only cost around fifty bucks to do
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  12. I'm regretting that I looked it up Urban Dictionary: Spadge
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  13. Yep I'm sure they felt better around 9:30 that night.
  14. Hmmmm where there you go and I thought you couldn't teach this old dog new tricks :sneaky:
  15. We will go with answer 7 in that link.
    A few are certainly new to me
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  16. a great resource for us older members trying to look cool
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  17. Ewwwww remind me not to take my kilt to the dry cleaners...new use for a sporan perchance:woot:
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  18. omg even attempting on a Suzuki boulevarde as learner should give special consideration esp if no other points lost
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  19. Yeah mate, that was my thought ha.
    its a tough bike to weave around on but it's the only bike she has ridden due to her short legs so it's all the same to her.

    Funny too, the guy who totally struggled to ride was showing us pics of his new Harley fat bob waiting at the dealership to pick up next weekend.
    Can't help but wonder how that will pan out.............
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