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Passed Learners and a couple of points

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by captainraincoat, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Just got back from my learners and passed (which i am very happy about)
    and i just want to throw out a endorsement to Baylink Motorcycle training in Hastings Vic...i will definatly be going back there for my P test.

    i am now on the hunt for a VTR250 at a decent price.

    i d have some more noob questions

    1) I have a fat head....i was using an extra large size helmet at the training today and i found myself having to take it off at regular intervals due to it cutting of the circulation to my head.....what brand of helmets make extra boof size?

    2) Do most bike shops allow test rides of bikes?
    id assume its a you break you buy rule?

    Thanks again to those people who have shared their stories and advice on the board...it has helped me a great deal
  2. 1) Try different brands of helmets. Each brand tends to align with certian head shapes. Eg. Arai, KBC, etc. check em out.

    2) Most shops won't let you try a bike on your 'L's'. So you might start your journey on the second hand market on Bike sales or on here etc.
    But the you break it you buy it rule will apply in most circumstances.

    VTR250 is a good all round bike, but expect to pay at least $6k for a good one.
  3. New world honda in Berwick will let learners test ride bikes if you sign a release.
  4. Kawasaki Dandenong let you test ride on Ls. They had to take the L's off the test bike for me to ride :grin:

    But it was a huge excess to pay if it got damaged.
  5. 6k for a mint one but these days you can pick them up for closer to the 5k mark if you shop around... will generally only have one thing making them cheaper

    eg. little rego, high klms, scratches etc

    keep in mind they dont depreciate thaaaat much

    and as i did exactly what you did about a month ago i can say that the VTR is a good bike to start on! you won't have any trouble driving it out of the dealership or away if you went alright on the pre learner bikes

    i got a fat head too and i found arai XL fitted best out of most

    just go and try a stack of them on
  6. Congrats on the L's.

    The best thing to do regarding helmets is to go to your nearest bike shop and try every model/size you can until you find the one that feels the best. I tried on heaps until I found hte one that felt right. It was an Arai, so I paid $650 for it, but I'm happy with the choice I made.

    A number of bike shops wont let new/younger learners test ride due to the fact that a lot of learners drop bikes. Some do and will let you test ride htem, but hte insurance excess can be somehting like $2 grand.

    Some also wont let you test ride unless you sign on to buy the bike from them. Some quirky little thing they have going. Sure you can test ride, but you must sign yhis agreement agreeing to buy the bike.

    Welcome to the world of motorcycling and enjoy.
  7. I have tried on every helmet - and I mean EVERY medium or large helmet in every bike shop on the south-west side of Brisbane. Some were like rubber bands around my head, others wiggled sideways, some had chin straps that choked me. I settled on a Shark Fusion, and found that the OGK, KBC and Shark had a bit more room than the Arai and Shoei - it depends what part of your head is 'Big!'

    Try on everything you can get your hands on, one will just slide on and feel right.
  8. hey... i just bought a vtr and know what you are about to go through... a lot of disappointment! there seems to be a perception out there that these bikes in particular retain a high resale regardless of condition/kms/rego etc... my advice is to keep at it and wait for the perfect bike to come along.... it took a while and a lot of driving around but i managed to find a mint 2006 with 5k on the clock and 11months rego for 6400... don't settle for almost right
  9. i got dreds, the only helmet brand that seemed to fit me was HJC.. i bourght a XL, but they do come it XXL.... the xxl would have been slighty more comfy, but i figured i am better off with it a lil tighter....

    and if the hunt for the vtr doesnt work out, i got a old CHEAP cb250n for sale :p