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Passed, bye bye hi-vis...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by DonJuan, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. So today I went to HART Somerton and completed the test, passed, donated the hi-vis to future noobs and binned the L plate.

    Loved every minute of it and all 4 of us passed.
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  2. Well done mate. I did mine there, 12 months ago.
    A great learning environment and a top day to be on the bike.
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  3. Fantastic to hear!!! Well done DonJuanDonJuan . :woot:
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  4. Congratulations on passing the test! :)
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  5. Congratulation DonJuanDonJuan! Fantastic news! You lost the target mark off your tale and an offensive mandatory hi-viz, life is going to be much better now! Stay safe and enjoy exploring fantastic roads for years to come :)
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  6. Well done and congratulations, DonJuanDonJuan!
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  7. Thanks everyone, feels great!
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  8. Now only 3 more years till the S1000RR. Good Job.
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  9. Well done!
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  10. congrats :)
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  11. Congrats ... have you also managed to 'lose' the slippery stuff off your tyres?
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  12. Funny you mention that SilverRSilverR, I gave it a bit of a bath and more came off. Seems to be disappearing nicely!
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  13. Good job.

    Drop in and see us one Sat.
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  14. Ha, one L out, another one in. Getting my bike tomorrow so I can serve my L sentence. I wonder if I'll sleep at all tonight!
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  15. Make sure you get along to the Sat practice sessions as they are very helpful... I know I'll be going back to keep the skills up.
  16. Thanks to everyone!

    Really enjoyed the commute this morning feeling like I was 'just another motorcyclist'.
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  17. Congrats, mate!
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  18. Congats man, I did my licence course last Sunday and passed.

    Are you coming down on Sat?
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  19. @Ionrad, I'm coming down Sat, mainly for the spanner day.