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Passangers refuse full body scanner

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Tweetster, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. Wonder what the future is for scanning passagners if more refuse:

    A British airport says two women who refused to go through a full-body scanner have been barred from boarding a flight.

    Manchester Airport says the women, one of whom is a Muslim, were believed to have been booked to fly out to Islamabad.

    They then refused to be scanned, citing medical and religious reasons.

    The women are believed to be the first people to be barred from a flight for refusing security scans.

    The airport said in a statement that the passengers were not permitted to fly in accordance with the government directive on scanners.

    Britain is introducing more full-body scanners to strengthen aviation security, but privacy advocates say the technology amounts to "virtual strip searching."

    Manchester Airport says strict procedures are in place to protect the privacy of passengers, who are randomly selected to go through the scanner.

    Source - http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/-/world/6885774/women-banned-from-flight-for-refusing-scan/
  2. I don't see a problem here.
  3. this is a real shame.

    civil liberties gone.

    more people die in bus accidents then plane accidents/bombs ect/

    why not scan us getting on the bus...or going into work or...
  4. ...and it is well recognised now that virtually all "terrorist" detection is best done well before they even get to the airport.

    Frankly I am not sure I would subject myself to this sort of personal abuse either.

  5. I hope youre not confusing it with a simple magnetic scan.
  6. I would / will submit to one without a moments hesitation.
    I look at it this way.

    Option 1. Spend 10 seconds in a scanner. (The same as I do every time I enter a court in Melb). Big deal.


    Option 2. Spend a very unpleasant 90 seconds before impact, sharing whats left of a plane shattered by the device that Mr X the mad (insert nationality) religious nut has just detonated.

    No brainer.

    And they don't get the solo "nutcase" with intel. They get the planned operations.
  7. and this is why these bullshit laws get passed.

    It dosent bother me as im doing nothing wrong.

    Will it bother you when you are required to present a blood sample and they scan for the "predisposition to violence" gene every time you want to enter the pub?

    slowly slowly.

    Plane crashes are soooo goddamn rare. soo many people will die from cancer and heart attacks which could be prevented however we invest trillions in invading privacy to possibley help in preventing a few hundred (out of 6 billion) from dying.

    our old security was good enough to stop most of them.

  8. It's a simple body scan and I have no qualms,
    I've been bomb sniffed with those sniffer thingys they use and that takes more time, if I refuse them to use that devise they won't let me on the plane so in a fact this is no different.
    the fact these are women and muslim means jack shit.
    Last time a christian extremist blew up a plane was........um......er.........yes
  9. What is the issue here? The airport wanted the passengers scanned they refused and each went on their business. If I want to fly and avoid the scanner I'd take the euro express to cdg and catch a flight from there or another nearby airport that don't have scanners.

    I think it's pushing it a bit too far with these body scanners though. Why not have men frisk men and woman frisk woman at the airport in cubicles in privacy rather than letting the guy monitoring the scanners get a hard on by perving at the woman.
  10. The scanner at the court and these so called body scanners are completely different things. the court scanner tries to detect metal etc but these body scanners actually show the body of the person under the clothes they are wearing in much detail. Bit like a live strip show each time someone gets scanned.
  11. They would not be "perving" that's a very subjective statement.
    It is much much quicker to walk through a scanner than to be frisked.
  12. I think that's called a False Dilemma
  13. I dont really care about the religion or gender aspect at the moment, but did these scans you went through show a full naked picture of your body?

    Oh but it works so beautifully on so many people.
  14. The scanners dont show the full naked body they show a generic body superimposed on a screen. There is nothing sexual or pervy about it.
  15. smee the scanners they showed on tv were nothing like the ones in that pic but rather showed the full body of the scanee in detail and that is why the people were adamantly against its use in public airports.
  16. I hope I'm not breaking any rules but to prove a point the scanners they use in Manchester are along the lines of:


    Now that looks very graphic to me and shows all curves in detail.
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  18. how do you add text underneath the pic?
  19. little paper clip
  20. It's not attached its a link so the text is just typed...