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Passanger Pegs for a CB250

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by CB250_Newby, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. This might be a stupid question but can I retrofit passenger pegs to a Honda CB250?

    Also will the bike be ok with it?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. What sort of Honda CB250?

    Does it have a pillion seat?

    Does it have hangers for the pegs?

    What do you mean by the last question - are you afraid of hurting its feelings? ;-)


    Trevor G
  3. It is the old style looking one with the twin exhausts.

    Does it have a pillion seat? Sorry I am not sure, it has two parts to the seat with a strap in the middle. I thought the back part of the seat was for passengers.

    Does it have hangers for the pegs? How can I figure this out? It has bolts where I think I could put them on.

    I just wondered if it might strain the gear box with two people not being a big bike.

    Thanks again.

  4. It might struggle! Kinda like a small car towing a caravan... not really designed for it. I doubt your suspension would like it either. Any option for getting a larger bike instead? I'd only pillion on a 250 for emergencies.
  5. I used to have a CB 250
    I once carried my boyfriend on the back of it.

    And let's just say...the bike was VERY relieved when he got off, and we only went around the back!!

    seriously, though a CB250 DOES have a rear seat & footpegs, i wouldn't choose to carry anyone other than a 5 yr old on it. it just can't deal with the weight.
  6. Aha! A classic CB250... ;-)

    If there is room for 2 people to sit there, and either a grab strap or a grab handle behind or under the seat, then you can carry passengers (as long as it also has pillion footrests and you have the appropriate license!)

    Those bolts are used to connect the mufflers to the frame? That is where the pegs go.

    Late model bikes perch the passenger up in the air with their knees under their chin - the footrests are suspended on "hangers" which are mounted off the top frame rail.

    Don't worry about the strain. They always go just as well again once the passenger gets off. :) Bikes are actually built to take two people...


    Trevor G

    PS Ignore those who suggest it is not worth it - try it and decide for yourself! Pillion pegs shouldn't cost more than $20-30, as a guess.

    PPS Not sure of your location - the above applies in NSW.
  7. I will get some ordered and give it a go, thanks for the advice!
  8. I'd suggest asking your honda shop how much new one's are, then with that price in your head, call a wrecker and ask how much they charge.

    They should be much cheaper, but if they aren't, just tell them how much new ones are and make an offer. Most wreckers have a supply of bits for cibbies. Don't forget to tell em the year of the bike too when asking.

    Go and collect your pegs, look at someone else's cibby, and off you go with the spanner.

    You'll really notice a difference with a pillion, but you've got to expect that, after all it's only a 250.

    I found that a few trips on my old cibby gave me a good idea of what to expect with a pillion on a bike that was nice and easy to handle.
    In most states it's a learners bike so just have a bit of fun learning what it's like with a pillion, before you get something bigger which will hardly notice one.