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Pascoe Vale Road, what should I do next time?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by jaguarfanster, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    So this is probably the 15th or 20th time, I've been out on the road with my Spada. Round 7pm, sunny day, great weather, I was riding down Pascoe Vale Rd on the left lane in the right wheel track, around Meadow Heights/Broadmeadows, towards the city. Pascoe Vale Rd has two lanes for each direction of traffic, with a bike lane along the far left side. I was just about to shift into the left wheel track, of my left lane, (practicing some counter steering), but I looked into my mirror and did a head check, before moving. That probably saved my life today. Some Red P-Plater, in a full burqa (regular in my area), 4 passengers in the back, zoomed past my left, one wheel in my lane, and the other in the bike track, probably 20ks over the speed limit. WOW...

    I caught up at the next lights and thought of giving her a piece of my mind, but reconsidered. I mean what would that achieve at all? Another furious biker is not going to help our cause.

    Anyway if anyone could give me any advice on how to prevent this from happening again, I'd be more than thankful. Just would like to avoid this situation in future is all.....

    Btw here's the road


    notice the bike lane on the left...
  2. Just to clear any doubt I don't mean any offence with the burqa though, just saying it as I saw it....maybe her vision was partially occluded?
  3. dangle HAM off your rear fender
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  4. Hmmm, might pay to mount a camera and vid your travels along the roads there, and if someone flies by you, name n shame? or drop in to broady hotel [police station] and offer some footage or dangerous drivers around the corner from their office!!
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  5. This is why Saudi's don't let their women drive!
  6. Racist?? Sexist?? HONEST!! lol
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  7. Become 6ft2" like me, get a tall arse trail bike like a honda XR600 or a suzuki DR650 (both learner approved), preferably the honda as they are taller. Very few people will f*ck with you because trail bikes on the road are rare. People see them and don't know what to do. They are big, intimidating and tall, they look like nothing else on the road and when people see them they shit bricks. Because of my and my bike's size I have had very few people f*ck with me. And even when they do f*ck with you these bikes are pretty good for getting out of trouble. You're pretty f*cked if someone gives you shit at 100kph (had it happen to me on a freeway at about 130 and I just cut across to the exit and bailed), but if someone is threatening to kill you at the lights you just give it about 1/4 throttle, feather the clutch out, pin the throttle, shift up to 2nd and away you go on the back wheel. You are out of there like a bat out of hell and you have not even reached 80 yet so depending where you are most of the time you can't get pinged (well except maybe for the wheelie but the front isn't hard to keep down). This low to mid range advantage is extenuated if you fit a pumper carb and/or, god help all cagers, the procycle 190 cam grind and 780cc big bore kit. Massive torque just about everywhere for not as much $ as you would think.
  8. Not much you can do other than try to be more aware of what's going on behind you by checking the mirror every few seconds. At 20 over the limit, she must have had a bit of a run-up before she reached you, right?

    Other than that, I would recommend getting rid of the L plates ASAP. If people think you can be bullied on the road they will do it.

    EDIT! As far as having a chat with her - if ever there was a time when doing that might actually be worth it, that's probably it. This driver did something *deliberately* dangerous to you because she thought she could get away with it, and in the end she did get away with absolutely no consequences. So she'll be even less hesitant to do it again at the next opportunity. If she'd suffered a verbal blasting she might be less inclined.
    Of course, some people here will say that, for your own safety, you shouldn't confront drivers.
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  9. ^this too
  10. HAHAHAH, nice one if only they sell it in broady..

    Yeah that's a brilliant idea, can you buy video camera kits for bikes, running off the battery?

    How do they go for freeways? the wind buffets the crap out of me at 100+ on the naked spada
  11. Oh yes, nothing in the mirror like a second before, then right up my backside, and then my left hand side. Plus I was doing 83-85 as well in the 80 zone, was no slow coach myself.

    Yeah I do have the impression L-plates lose me respect on the road, remember it sort of happening in the cage on my Ls well. Gotta wait 3 months for P's I guess, but how often do riders get penalised for not showing off those Ls?
  12. they are not too bad, I have ridden from melbourne to bendigo all on super slab and it wasn't too tiring although it was no walk in the park either.
    if the wind buffeting is too much for you, you can easily put a universal windshield on. they are adjustable so you can find the position that works best for you
    http://www.maier-mfg.com/catalog/universal-windshields take your pick, not expensive for windshields of that quality. plenty of people have put them on DR650s in the states
  13. Does your bike have a fly screen ? little screen over the instrument cluster, as pissy as they might look, it sure helps!! Otherwise, duck and hug the tank when on freeway! Or buy a small screen for your bike, takes out alot of the stress of being buffeted and reduces stress on you too..
  14. you have a warped perception of what 'fast' is
  15. yup, go faster.. 90km/h on that road is common.
  16. Desmond, we're going to have a slow conversation here and I'm hopefully going to lead you down a logic path of options or alternatives.

    Why were you in the right hand wheel track?
  17. right hand wheel track of the left hand lane seems correct to me.
  18. agree
  19. (I was really hoping to get into Desmond's mind, but Ok let's play)

    Ok then, why is it the correct placement of the bike? What's the advantage of being positioned in the RH track of the LH lane, over another lane position?
  20. I'm with rob, when you're on a 2 lane road with 1 lane going one direction and the other going the other direction then stick to the left hand wheel track. change position for corners as appropriate.
    now when you've got 2 lanes going one direction it is another story, you should be in the right hand wheel track of the left lane to 'claim' your lane and discourage drivers from sharing it with you