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Partzilla.com 1/10 Do not buy from them

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by XCSEDAN, Aug 15, 2015.

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    ok let me start this post by saying the person who dealt with this matter was extremely helpful and did the best they could to help me, but the company is a joke.

    i placed an order on the 2-12-2014 that was in excess of 800 USD with partzilla.com all parts were paid for on this date.

    on their website it stated "parts available" (partzilla has since changed their website so this does not appear) for all parts i ordered - well this was a lie to begin, 70% of the items i ordered were out of stock and on back-order.
    this pissed me off a bit, but not to an extreme amount.
    was told they were expected to have arrived by the 2/1/2015

    i was contacted by partzilla being told that the tank had no definite date as to when it would be in stock and asked if i would accept a refund, which to me was no use as i needed a new tank and no one had one, so i told them i still wanted it and the order continued.

    email stating the tank was received and all items shipped except for one, no shipping/tracking number attached - phone up and was told that a shipping number would be sent to me via email.

    email stating my order was shipped and i received an email with a shipping/tracking number another email received with shipping number for other items

    i recieve a strange email from Outdoor LLC stating that fedex had tried to deliver parcels twice with no response.
    i reply, and forward the email to partzilla with a confirmation that this was not a scam email.

    i hear nothing back from outdoor LLC and receive an email from partzilla saying that they have contacted FedEx and that fedex will call me to arrange a delivery time.

    7-2-2015 i called partzilla to try to work out what was going on as i heard nothing from FedEx, they are useless and cannot work out what is going on. called at 1am my time so that i could use a phone to talk to them and spent 2 hours on the phone getting no-where.

    i receive a refund notification from partzilla and all my goods have been returned to the USA, and i have been charged a 15% restocking fee and do not receive a refund on the shipping. and i also recieve a package containing one brake bleeder nipple with the shipping and tracking number i was emailed on the 30-1-2015.
    i send an angry email back with a please explain why i have only recieved one brake bleeder screw and where the hell the rest of my goods are.

    i call them because they seem useless at emails. again, awake until 1am just to call, spent over an hour on the phone and ended up speaking with a man named Tim, was told when i re order my goods, i will receive my 15% restocking fee and a discount to cover the shipping costs, not really what i was chasing, but whatever it was a result. i tell them it will be a while before i can re-order as the funds now have to re clear my account before i can re order. which took over 3 weeks.

    i called 4 times in march to confirm with Tim who i had organised to refund the restocking fee and discounts so i can re order, and was not put in contact with him once, instead told he will call me back.
    each time pissed me off a little more, i am now at the point of punching someone in the face over this.

    again i call once a week to speak to Tim, cannot get through to him.
    ready to rip someone a new asshole about now, sent him a couple of emails as well

    i send an email to Tim
    "Tim are we able to please re order this order with our agreed apon terms?
    refund of restocking fee
    discount on the 2 new orders that will be placed?"
    Tims reply "Yes sir. Once you’ve placed your order, please email me the order number and I’ll have the discount applied for you."

    new order placed, email the person i spoke to and give him the order numbers so discounts can be applied and restocking fee to be refunded. as agreed apon the orders are far larger than previous now exceeding 1400 USD across 2 shipments.

    receive an email stating items are out of stock AGAIN!!!

    rest of may and start of june
    emails going backwards and forwards, discounts received, no restocking fee reimbursement. first package is received, all is finally coming together, sort of.

    i receive an email from Robert saying it is going to cost me an additional $214 to ship, I reply with a pretty angry email stating this is absolutely ridiculous and where the hell they think they have the right to charge additional shipping for the fuel tank when the original order had no additional charges.

    I recieve an email from robert stating that it was not their fault the goods were returned and blamed australia post (who is not fedex) for striking however i would not be charged extra shipping.
    i let it go because im sick to death of dealing with this and want my parts.
    i receive email stating parts have been shipped.

    i receive the last of the parts, the fuel tank is dented, i email Tim, he replies and we negotiate a discount/partial refund equal to the cost of getting the tank repaired, i tell him i have not received the restocking fee, no reply on the matter.

    I email partzilla and Tim regarding the fact i still have not received my restocking fee of 15% of the original order ($122USD)

    i write this thread, and reply to Roberts email (the one from the 10-6-2015), explaining the situation again (it appears Robert may be Tims superior) explaining the situation.... just read this.
    "Dear Robert,

    the original package was sent on the 28-1-2015 (almost 2 months after the initial order which at the time had the parts listed as "parts available"), i never received a tracking number for the original shipment, and when i called to enquire on the 29-1-2015, i was told i would be emailed the shipping number, which i never received. that is your companies mistake not mine, and i took several steps to rectify the situation, which included;

    calling the USA at 1am australian time on the 29-1-2015 to get shipping information to which i was told it would be emailed to me, which never happened.
    emailing partzilla and LLC outdoor network when i recieved an email from LLC, with a reply saying FedEx would be calling me to arrange a delivery date and a shipping number for the parcel.
    calling fedex 2 days later 6-2-2015 to try to arrange a delivery date with them having no idea who i was and no way of tracking my item as the tracking number i received in the email was incorrect and not in their system.
    i then emailed partzilla to have this issue rectified

    i was then emailed a refund notification on the 12-2-2015 at which point i called up and spent SEVERAL hours on the phone to your company regarding the mess.
    myself and Tim came to an agreement which was as follows, refund of restocking fee and discount off my next 2 orders to refund the shipping ONCE the new orders were placed, and i would re order once my refund had cleared into my bank account.
    it took over 3 weeks for the money to be refund to be returned and cleared to my account (less the original shipping costs and the 15% restocking fee)
    i called outdoor network LLC 8 times in april and may to speak to tim to confirm our agreement and was told he was unavailable and would call me back.
    i emailed tim to confirm our agreement still stood on the 29-5-2015
    tims reply "Yes sir. Once you’ve placed your order, please email me the order number and I’ll have the discount applied for you."

    13-5-2015 new orders placed, tim is emailed, discounts applied to orders, however i never receive my 15% restocking fee back, i have emailed several times about this and have gotten no reply.

    when the order was finally received in june, the tank showed up with a dent in it from before it was packaged into the box as the box was perfect upon arrival. tim and i organise compensation as it was going to cost me a lot of money to get the dent repaired which i was satisfied with, i tell tim that i still have not received a refund on my restocking fees (no email confirmation or restocking fee, no money in my account, all other refunds and compensation i have received in regards to this issue) and he stops replying to my emails, and does not return calls when i phone.

    to this day i have not received a refund for my restocking fee.
    on account of your companies blatant inability to do what was agreed apon i have now posted my dealings with yourself, partzilla, outdoor LLC and tim on several internet forums, with the total amount of members exceeds 1.2 million across all forums.

    i have included the fact i have sent this email in hope of receiving my 15% restocking fee and will update the threads with your response.
    yourself and tims last names have not being mentioned however your first names have been used, as i do not agree with publicly shaming people to a full extent.

    i have been wrongfully treated by your company and i have tried calling and emailing to have this issue resolved.
    i will not be treated poorly due to a companies inability to perform basic actions and provide accurate shipping information.

    I look forward to your response.

    As promised, i will update this thread with the response (if there is one).

    but for now, i can say only one thing.
    they are not worth dealing with and i feel humiliated for trusting them to do what they said they would do.

    if they were an Australian company i would be driving to the factory and sorting this out face to face no questions asked.
    I am not in the business of ripping people off, and i do not appreciate being ripped off.
    personally, they can go fcuk themselves as far as I'm concerned. absolute bunch of wankers to deal with.
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  2. Outrageous!
  3. The inherent risk of buying online and offshore. Refunds and problems are much harder to get sorted. Unlucky mate.
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  4. Sounds like an absolute balls up. Very sour taste left in your mouth after this no doubt.

    You did put Tims surname in btw.
  5. whoops shit, forgot to edit the email.... cant edit the post now, a mod can feel free to if they wish.

    update: robert has replied almost immediately and it seems i may actually get somewhere with this.

    i agree in the risk of doing business online, but i figured seeing as the parts i needed were out of stock AUS wide and suzuki australia (where i worked at the time) was giving me a six - twelve month potential waiting period on the tank and these guys appeared to have it in stock, i thought hey why not, seem to be a reputable company (turns out they actually edit their ratings/reviews everywhere), and it'll save me hundreds compared to buying here. bitten on the ass much?
    next time ill be using Ron Ayers for OS parts, have had several mates use them with great success and they are a forum sponsor on gixxer.com
  6. Glad to hear you might be getting somewhere finally ! This does seem a bit extreme to wait so long for a tank ??, even on the rarest of vintage bikes you could probably source one quicker . Curious, what sort of bike, i dont think i saw you mention that .
  7. K3 GSX-R 600, Black and silver, suzuki japan at the time didn't have any in stock and they're on a made to order ticket, sometimes they'll make it straight away, sometimes it'll take 12 months.