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Party ideas needed urgently

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robbie55, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. My workplace of about 25 is planning to have an Xmas party at someones house - how sad is that.

    Before its set in stone I was hoping to get some suggestions from anyone here with any ideas.

    Given the nature and age of the workforce here though it can't be too physical so rule out skydiving go karting and things along those lines and needs to have some food and beverage component but otherwise feel free to throw in any ideas.

  2. ...booking this late in the game may be a problem but...

    - The obligatory lunch/dinner on a harbour party boat or more sedate, leisurely cruise.
    - as above, but on the Nepean or Hawkesbury River.
    - Darling harbour/The Rocks restaurants or pubs etc.....
    - Lunch/dinner at a "Comedy Club".
    - Other pub or club venues.
    - China Town/Yum Cha
    - Men's club/boobie show
    - We had a christmas do at a Bowling Alley a few years ago... was ok.... got pi$$ed, was catered...and messed around with some balls!! 8-[
    - Camping night (fire/booze/food etc)
    - Tain trip (Zig Zag railway)... with a party feel....
    - Jenolan Caves...with a party feel....

    OOoooooooo does the "Hellfire Club" do Christmas parties??... :demon:

    ah!.. forgot to add.... those places where you pay good money to get your food thrown at you!!... Teppanyaki....
  3. Thanks tweetster

    Will put them forward except for the boobie one - I wouldn't mind it but the office is 4 male (questionable) and 21 female.

    I think the cruise would be the best fit but keep any further ideas coming.
  4. Ah!!.. then a male strip show perhaps!!.... :bannanabutt: ...:D

    Don't know what your budget is, or how much time you have allocated... but a nice little day trip to a winery for wine tasting & lunch would be nice too!..
  5. Foam party.

    But seriously, do they mind a good party? If not, head to this store, at the bottom of the hill at Leichardt on parramatta rd and stock up on some of these and more particularly these.
  6. Beer gardens...they seem to be always fun to be at. Sometimes some of them may even have live bands on as entertainment.

    If you want it to be a day thing. BBQ at a park or lunch in the city with views. If those who want to party on can meet up at a pub/bar and have more entertainment.
  7. book mykanos in parra, they put on a good show
  8. 21 females hmmm that's a tough one
    Lesbian strip show for sure.
  9. Naked twister.
  10. lol at how quickly the thread went down hill when it was discovered how many girlies worked there!

    I second the idea of booking a table at a pub in town somewhere, that is what we are doing (i think)

    p.s. you havent mentioned the 21 girls sexual preference so on 2nd thought... strippers ftw
  11. bowling or jenolan caves, darling harbour restaurant or a darling harbour cruise
  12. Jenolan caves is a bit 'errrr...?'

    Best part of an hour drive still to go once you leave the highway.
  13. yeah true, but it's okay if there's an overnight stay involved... they've got 20 women, adam ;)
  14. It was mentioned that the 4 male are questionable. Things don't usually pan out the way it's planned :p
  15. Don't laugh.

    What about lawn bowls?

    Put eskies full of cold grog at either end of the green, get a bbq going at the clubhouse, get a bit of music going.

    It's bloody awesome.

  16. Yeah, I was thinking that too.

    Girlies isn't the right term though - think ageing public servants who are mostly adverse to any sort of physical activity. One has recently started zumba and although I commend her for making an effort with her fitness the mental image has left me scarred mentally.

    Regardless they are mainly nice people when out of their shells.

    Although I would like nothing more than to sit in a beer garden or restaurant and eat and drink the afternoon away, something that could involve everyone on a greater scale would be best.

    Lawn bowls mightn't be a bad idea actually, I will look into it.

    Still please keep the ideas coming.
  17. plus one on lawn bowls
  18. Overnight stay? will you need chaperones?

    Lawn bowls is always good.

    Getting tanked and hitting ding dong dang is fun too.


    crab racing?
  19. Plus two. We did it last year (60+ people) and it was great fun. Everyone got into the bowls and plenty of cheap beer. Plus they put on a bbq. Can't go wrong.
  20. bush walking in the National Park...lesbians won't have any difficulties with this

    see what i did there? :)

    seriously though,

    River Canyon Restaurant in Parramatta on the Parramatta River. dinner / drinks and a live show (elvis, brazilian, abba, depends on the night that you book)