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Party/BBQ at my place. Anyone welcome. April 9th from 2pm

Discussion in 'VIC' started by undii, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. Im having a late b/day party/bbq (my b/day was on march 29) but this is the only free weekend I have for ages. I live in South Caulfield, anyone is welcome. I guess late will be the start (2pm+). PM if you want the address. Word of warning, a lot of my friends are big party animals and some of my parties have been known to go on for 10-80 hours at a time.

    So don't be offended/surprised by any crazy antics you might/will see :)

    *edit* April 9 is the date 8)

  2. happy bday

    paaarty time..

  3. Hey, Undii,

    A date and time would be good (unless we can rock up anytime this weekend, and the party's still rocking away) :p :p

    Also, BYO drinks and BBQ stuff?
  4. Ooooops. I thought I put it up.. DOH

    April 9 (any time really?) I'll supply a few slabs + food. BBQ due to start around 2PM. Bring whatever else you want :)
  5. I'm intrigue, yep, PM me the address.....so it's the weekend after the super bike...goody.

    BTW, Wazza n undii? :p :p
  6. Happy B'day Undii!!! Count me in! :)
  7. Happy Birthday Undii. I'ld come but I don't think I'm butch enough :(
  8. Why does melbourne have to be... you know... so far south. You guys have parties for christ sake :( .

    Anyway, happy late birthday undii :D
  9. This sounds like a party for ........................ BOOGIEMAN!!!!!!!:D:D :LOL::LOL:

    Happy Birthday... you have the same birthday as my lil sister......... :shock: CRAP!!!!! :facepalm: I forgot to email her a Birthday message!!!!!! ](*,) :facepalm: ](*,)

    *Runs off to send an Email *

    But I'd love to know where this gathering is goign to occur.... :D 8)

  10. Or.. in my case... so far North :cry:

    Have a good one!

  11. *bump*

    Well I've just ordered a Keg. If you guys want spirits/more beer, please bring them along. Food at the BBQ supplied will be snags, burgers, some steaks/chops, salads, bread and whatever else we think of that's easy to get/serve(chips etc I guess)

    So far the weather looks just good for it *crosses fingers*.

    Also if anyone is coming and is able to bring seating, please do. Anything helps but if not, it's ok :) You'll just have to fight for seating or use the grass/stand etc :0
  12. Happy Birthday Undii!

    I might be able to pop by later in the evening (I have to work until 6ish and again on Sunday morning). I am just down the road (10mins) so it'll be good to meet some more "local" riders :D
  13. :D --- happy bday !

    hope the party goes well!

    cant believe the generosity :)

    thanks for the open invite and hope to make it

  14. Cool - I'll be there - be good to meet some more netriders :D
  15. Hey Waz, I have two functions that night already, but can hopefully pop round after the second one. If I can "obtain" some cups etc from somewhere (work), shall bring them too.... :-$
  16. Busy girl :p
  17. Happy b'day undii!!!
    Damn mate, judging by those pics, I will come only if I can find where I stashed my fake boobs!!!!!! :LOL:
  18. happy birthday !!!
    i will try come to this
  19. Cool, hope to see you :) :) :)

    Also please note, try to bring some of your own drinking refreshments, 1 keg can't last forever (or a few hours at my place. hehee). We might either just have enough extras of what people bring and/or throw around a donation hat to get more drinks when needed. Also try to bring seating *if* possible if you want to make sure you have a seat whenever you want it.

    Also people bringing bikes, I have a loooooooong driveway and I'll make sure only bikes can park in the driveway, that way they aren't in the street.
  20. need my help to bring some chairs with me?

    I will drive, still NO scooter!

    Let me know if you want me to bring some.