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party at my place. youse are all invited.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. :shock:




    what an idiot! not cus of the party but for his choice of attire! please tell me chicks aren't into this type of guy? :shock:

  2. Did anyone see this dipshit on A Current Affair tonight? :jerk:
  3. Yes, what a drop kick, and his parents "Oh, this is most unlike him...."

    yeah right
  4. Always funniest when it comes to drugs.. in a sick kind of way as they're usually dead by the point they realise.
  5. I'd be hangin him up by his nuts.. the liitle shit :evil:
    Twain ... only if you wear THAT skirt .. :p :p
  6. Good potential candidate for Darwin awards, that, and compulsory vasectomy :shock: what a tosser :roll:
  7. With the glasses, hat and doona he's got to be on some mind altering substances!!!!
  8. I would kick him out of home.And when he says where will i go.I would reply with your 500 mates :wink:
  9. I saw him Dougz.. What an absolute tool ... He needs to be put out of his misery .. If he were mine, i would be in jail i reckon.. :shock:
  10. Weren't any of you guys young & foolish?
  11. unfortunately, i still carry that burden Mr O :grin:
  12. Expecto to see him on the next Big Brother or Aussie Idol! :roll:
  13. Sorry Johnny, young, but never foolish, especially to this guys extent. And i definately didnt have an i dont give a shit attitude.. Seriously this little upstart needs a reality check.. To think that this clown is our countries future.. :shock:
  14. who? me?
    hmmm :-k
    you might be on to something PP :grin:
  15. F**k yeah! :LOL: But I also knew when to admit that I'd fckued up and take it like a man. I wouldn't have stood there on national TV and said that I don't owe anyone an apology.

    What a c**khead. I'm with you Blue, I'd be in jail, probably just for raising such a turd :shock:
  16. my old man would have flogged the pizzle outta me, wouldnt be able to apologise! :LOL:
  17. We were all young, but some of us were educated not to be foolish. As Billy Graham once famously said, "there is no such thing as a delinquent child, just delinquent parents".
  18. Pretty much what my Old Man said whilst we were watching this tool.
  19. Let's deport the whole family to some third world hellhole and take some hardworking, halfway responsible refugees in exchange.

    Fair swap I reckon.
  20. HE WAS OFF HIS FACE!!!! Watching that current affairs thing, gosh, no wonder he didnt want to take off his glasses.