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parts stripped from my bike in Richmond last night

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by teddee, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. I had hoped I would never have the need to start a thread like this, and on the positive side, at least I haven't had an off... but here goes...last night some ar$ewipe came shopping in my street for aftermarket pipes and other goodies and relieved Bluey (my gorgeous red SV650S) of all of his beautiful parts...the list is:

    red anodised pazzo shorty race levers, both clutch and brake
    red & black carbon fibre micron race pipe
    red & black carbon fibre CUSTOM rear hugger & chain guard (manufactured by GCC
    red anodised bobbins (pair)
    red anodised valve caps
    rear right pillion footpeg & bracket

    despite being fitted with an alarm (yes, it was set) none of my neighbours heard a thing...not even the lady whose bedroom window is only 6 feet from where bluey sleeps at night. The police are of the opinion that the scumbag who stripped bluey of his finery has most likely got his/her own red SV at home and wants to make it as pretty as bluey was.

    I'm posting all this detail, not only coz I want to share my story with folk who will understand why I haven't been able to stop crying for the last 5 hours, but because maybe, just maybe, someone will see a custom red & black hugger on an SV (coz it won't fit anything else) and be good enuf to note the registration and pm it to me so it can be followed up. I guess even seeing a red & black carbon fibre pipe would be worth noting too, even tho it's not custom, it's still unusual enuf to be unusual. Apparently GCC don't do the red & black anymore, so recovery of the original is really my only option

    Poor bluey has been put to bed in my wee lil back yard until insurance and restoration can be sorted Thanks for your help dodgy...this damsel in distress is most appreciative.

    Brian also has some hosted some pics in case you don't know what the missing parts look like..thanks hunnee



    could do with a better pic showing the hugger but I don't have one.

    I'm soooooo sad, I think I might hafta have a drink now
  2. Linda,

    That sucks totally.
    Feel ya pain and hope whoever stole the goods gets their a@#hole sealed up.

    Good luck

  3. Wow Linda that is ROUGH!

    I've got a curvy SVs and its nicely modded too. What an asshat to steal your mods like that, such a massive violation!
  4. W..T..F..??
    the audacity of some people does my head in.
    to steal a bike is one thing but to take the time to selectively remove parts while its parked at its place of residence is....brrrraaaahhh :evil:
    sorry to hear mate,i feel for ya :(
  5. poor standards.
    we live in the lucky country FFS!
  6. I feel for you linda, that sucks big time. I'll be sure to keep my eye out for those bits.
  7. It sounds like someone has had a drop on the right side, and decided to shop at your place. (Right pillion footpeg, exhaust, brake lever.) Once they got the bits they needed, they took the bits they liked as well. Of course, they had to have matching levers.

    I hope someone spots their bike, and you get the bits back. Make sure you get his name and address. Then forty motorcyclists can visit his home and introduce him to Mr Pain.

    Of course, if he reads this and returns all your gear, he could avoid a lot of . . . trouble. :grin:
  8. That's a real shame indeed.

    I have a CF (Two Brothers) slip-on exos on my ride too, but it's parked either in a locked garage or office basement.

    Some parts are easy for an opportunist tea-leaf to remove, I guess there isn't much one can do against this, other than buying adequate insurance cover.
  9. See, this is why I only ever own deeply undesirable motorcycles...

    BAd luck mate, what a PITA. At least you've probably got the stock bits around so you can ride it.
  10. :evil:

    :jerk: :jerk: :jerk: :jerk:


    The nerve of some people!
  11. May the thief die violently from a urinary tract infection.
  12. Hi Linda,

    Sucks totally.

    If you need right hand hanger and/or standard pipe, I have these as left over parts from my SV race bike. Happy to lend them to you whilst you source replacements.
  13. Where abouts in Richmond are you?
  14. what a generous offer Cejay...thanx muchly. I have my stock pipe still but as you know to refit it involves welding it back on so unless my insurance doesn't come through (and it seems unlikely they won't at this stage) I don't want to mess around reattaching the stock pipe. As for the rear hanger, I don't pillion on the bike so until I have a can to put on, it's not an issue that it's missing.

    It was a bit disconcerting last night when I went to reinstall the stock levers but couldn't because the bolts were gone too.

    I just hafta be patient I guess until it gets sorted. Luckily I also have a wee lil red scooter to get around town on
  15. no offence mate, but I'm a bit reluctant to publish where I am coz then that tells the rest of the www where what's left of my bike is stored

  16. Agree - ring round the Suzuki dealers in Melbourne and tell them what's happened - ask them to keep an eye out. They may be aware of someone who's had a drop (or a fall off the stand even).

    The right footpeg only is the giveaway here. If it was a customisation they's have stolen both footpegs.
  17. My pipe is complete (phnaarr phnarr!) as I have a full race system. I also have footpegs and hangers for the stock pipe (they're in a box somewhere!).

    I am in Lilydale and more than happy to lend it if that's what will stop you getting around until stuff happens with insurance.
  18. Only dumb bastards steal from someone who is probably no better off than themselves.
  19. man that sucks!!!
    hope the bugger gets caught