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NSW Parts required

Discussion in 'Wanted' at netrider.net.au started by Ikonikrich, Jun 30, 2014.

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  1. OK I need your help ASAP!!! I need to get out and ride!!!
    Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section.
    Here is the deal I need a front fork setup and front guard for my bike:
    Make: Kawasaki
    Model: ER-6n
    Year: 2010
    ABS: Yes

    If you can find them for me and I buy the ones you find is will pay you $50 and if you can find them both for under $750.00 I will give you half of the savings!!!!

    So if you find me the left and right fork and a guard for lets say $700 I will give you $75 for your help.

    I don't mind if I need to re paint the guard. But the forks cant be bent I already have a bent set!!

    From what I can find the following year models have the same forks 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

    Look forward to hearing from you. If you need more info just ask!!
  2. @OP....

    I'm currently offshore working on an Oil Rig.

    Please send me your bank details and I will ensure payment.

    Forks and replacement parts will be sent to you directly. Please send postal address, full name, date of birth and Passport number and I will provision parts for you immediately.

    ::end of line
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    I happen to have a pair of those forks lying around. They are off my old bike (see pic below). Unfortunately I don't have the bike anymore as I had a high speed blowout of the rear tyre.

    Miraculously the front forks survived in perfect condition.

    I'll take a pair of jousting sticks for them.
  4. Claim insurance, pay the $400 (or whatever) excess, job done!

    I'll take my $225 in dan Murphy's dollars thanks.
  5. What did you run into? :hilarious:

    On a potentially helpful note, try www.findapart.com, bung in what you want & the dealer/wreckers associated will get back to you with what they have.
  6. Hey Thanks for the link first sensible reply I will look in to it.
    I ran into a Taxi at about 10Km/hr apparently "a truck" pulled out in front of him but I never saw the truck and either did the guy behind me.

    I didn't come off just bent my forks.
  7. How badly bent are they?

    If they are not too badly bent, Laurie Alderton, in Smithfield, can possibly fix them.
  8. I found a pair of forks for you

    Cape Silver Dessert Forks (Pair) - William Moore_Cape silver dessert forks - William Moore.Jpg
  9. Hahaha thanks they look like good quality as well.
  10. Loosen the triple clamps , turn them 180% tighten up then go and ram another taxi
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  11. You can have the forks off my bike for $20k
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