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Parts from Kawasaki taking forever!

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by PeterPorker80, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. I'm waiting on replacement parts for my bike. The dealership at first said the parts had to come from Kawasaki Japan so it would take 3-4 weeks.

    Today, they told me it would take a further 8-12 weeks!

    Unfortunately, the bike is not ridable without those parts so I'm without a bike until the parts arrive.

    Has anyone had to wait parts for this long? Is this typical? I don't believe I have any recourse except to wait.
  2. @MadAzz300 How long did your bike take to repair?
  3. What do you need?

    I had to replace the gear shifter ( received it next day via courier from BikeBiz) and my clutch lever was usable, but I did have to wait 4 weeks to get a new one.
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    I needed a new coolant overflow tank which took two weeks from Japan to my nearest dealer. Add a couple days posted to my door. Not a stocked item in the Honda warehouse in Melbourne so they ordered from Japan.

    Funny thing was I could have ordered the part from the US myself for the same cost delivered to my door and it still may have taken the same delivery time.

    Another order I had took about 6 weeks from the US. No fault of the supplier, USPS sent it to Belgium. We could understand a mix up between Austria and Australia.......but Belgium is a mystery. US post could offer no reason why.
  5. partshark.com, i get all my parts from them - probably still cheaper even with the exchange rate.
  6. My cousin had to have his Kawasaki Ninja (2013 model) rebuilt as even though it was restricted the engine suffered a major failure and had to be rebuilt, to him 2-3 months to get the bike back. Apparently P.S's hadnt had to do a full engine rebuild on the new model bike and the parts took forever to get through customs... well that was the story he was sold anyways
  7. @MadAzz300, I'm after a tank and master cylinder.

    @alan55 @spawn, none of the OEM web sites I've checked out has parts for my bike :(
  8. What year and model do you have again?
  9. It is frustrating, but of all the things that could take this long on a bike a tank would have to be one of them. I can imagine there are very few circumstances where a tank wouldn't be repairable and those that aren't would generally be replaced from a wreckers.

    A complete new master cylinder wouldn't be that common either, though it shouldn't take this long.

    If you really believe you can get it elsewhere, then you are probably in a position now to cancel your order, since their story has changed.
  10. I was just trying to ascertain whether this duration is typical.

    The guys at the dealer workshop have been helpful. I don't intend to take my business elsewhere. I'm just trying to understand why it takes so long to get these parts!
  11. how many parts does the Z800 share with the Z1000?

    i know my 750 shares most of the bike with the Z1000 of the time, im prety sure that includes the tank aswell.

    just something to ponder over, if there are any broken Z1000's out there (of which i would say there are more than 800's)