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Parts compatibility

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by hornet, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. I had to get a new rear disc for the Hornet yesterday. (No prizes for guessing why!)

    What astonished me was the huge array of Honda machines that this particular part fits; I think it is common to about 7 models and several variations within those models!

    I guess this is common practice among all the manufacturers?

    Honda must have a very deep parts bin.. :D
  2. Not surprising really, the replacement rear pads for my 250 not only fit a wide range of larger capacity Suzuki's but also fit a few Kawasaki models as well (and I think at least one Yamaha).
  4. I knew I was leaving myself open to comment on this!

    I should have had a service before I came down to Melbourne, and then I would have found that the pads were down and had them fixed. I didn't, and the Reefton run did them in. They then scored the disc.

    However, on examination of the disc now I've replaced it, it appears that it has been skimmed once anyway, so it was going to need replacement eventually. It was certainly thinner than the new one with which I replaced it.

    With reference to you not having replaced your rear disc for THAT LONG, I can only say, that's probably because you never use it. It certainly looked that way the other day!!!!