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Parts Compatibility for EX250/ZZR250/ZXR250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by mugen, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know whether the air filters on these bikes are the same?

  2. the EX250 is the ZZR250
  3. hehe I thought it was (for the US market?) but wasn't sure. Well, between the ZXR and EX250/ZZR250 then?

    I had a look at the ZXR manual but it doesn't have any parts numbers.

    Edit: using a little inductive reasoning, the two are probably not compatible - Unifilter lists the same filter model for a number of Kawasaki models, but the filter model differs between the ZZR250 and ZXR250.
  4. No, EX250 is the GPX250. :)
    GPX/EX and ZZR should be the same. ZXR will more than likely be different.
  5. EX-250h is the ZZR to be more precise :p
    and the EX-250f is the GPX
    and the EX-250e is the GPZ

    just to confuse people :LOL:
  6. Don't think they are the same this is the info i got
    Air Filter - 11013-1181

    from http://www.zxr250.com kinda hard to use site but the info is there as well as the Service Manual which i found very had to find
  7. This should help you out mate.

    If you ring em they can answer all your questions.

    Also they are a great product.

    Got one in my RS250