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Partner getting gradually more jealous of new motorbike.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by timmo, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. So just got my L's and a sexy new pocket rocket cbr125 and am able to park it in a place where i can see it lying in bed.

    The girlfriend has been increasingly agitated at my occasional glances over her shoulder at the bike. When i say occasional glances i mean stares of loving adoration that she remembers i used to give to her. She also has been putting up with me suiting up and walking out for random rides at any moment, cleaning and checking the bike religiously and once even kissing the bike (no tongue)

    My question is about whether anybody else has had this problem with their love of the opposite sex versus love for the machine, and should i be worried at all about something happening to my beautiful, sexy, lovely, loyal motorbike?

  2. My wife hates me refering to mine as my little baby and reminds me that title belongs to my kids and not my bike lol
  3. she can't work out how to distract you? maybe you could find her some web sites to give her some pointers.
  4. do you remember your first week on the bike? NOTHING compares.
  5. What!?! Clearly you don't really love it at all.

  6. Dear confused,

    I'm confused about the bed thing.

    Does it like have it's own bed or is it in bed with you (and your gf?) I can understand why she might get jealous.

    Maybe you should have approached the threesome thing in a different way other than just picking up some sexy thing and taking it straight home into your bed while your gf was there.

    If you've started kissing your bike your gf might be worried about what other things you've up to. Is that an oil stain on your pants?

    Put simply, unless your bike gives better head than your gf, I suggest the next set of flowers for her along with a whole lot more attention. You can still ride both, but remember, bikes don't have emotions and have seriously hard cold bits that are not very sexy.
  7. Call of the year
  8. Get HER a bike....
  9. Good Call....

    Or at the very least if she doesn't have a permit / license yet - book her in for one!

    Had a little chuckle at the one!!!
  10. It's great that you love your bike, no really it is. But it's a machine and you can buy another one. Perhaps you should give your wife some undivided affection, women can do some pretty cool things that no bike can.
  11. Tell her she is RIGHT .. then apoligise.
    We secretly know the truth tho :-$ :p

  12. pmsl!

    As Hornet said get her own bike then maybe she'll see where you're coming from! (so to speak!)
  13. Now my GSXR750 is jealous, lol.

    Does this mean I have to find a man?

  14. i had the same problems....

    we now dont date problem solved!!!

    the end!

  15. I once caught an ex sneaking a glance at Optimus Prime in a poster on my wall, while we were making out.

    I understood.
  16. Optimus prime poster??!! :shock:
  17. Since i got my new ninja 250r that i like to call my black love child, ive experienced everything you have mentioned :D My favorite is the random rides, i say im going out for a bit and come back 4 hours later after doing a lap of the hume dam and stopping in at random friends places to show off my toy and try to convince them to get one so they can ride with me :D. Then i get home and im greeted with a stare of hate and jealousy..... good thing is she is really into the idea of learning to ride and hopping on the back when we hand the kids off to there grand parents for the day. Getting off restricted should be fun.
  18. geeze just wait until she realises what a real bike is - she will leave you for someone who can really ride


  19. Book her in to get her own licence.

    Park her bike next to yours, then the only thing you have to argue about is who gets the best side of the bed to perve at your bike(s)... :p :rofl: :p