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Parting of the Roo's

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by MMMTS, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. This was as close as it could be without crashing and or a trip to hospital, I was on Highlands rd today on my GSXR 1000 doing around 90 kph and on a blind left hand bend in the road, dont know why I noticed this large tree, must of seen something move.....then two large grey roo's jumped in front of me, didnt have time to apply brakes all I could do was maneuver the bike so I ran over the first roo's tail and was able to pick the gap between the other but they hadn't stop moving, it was just one of those things I guess ,I was thinking how the hell did I get through that ! If you had seen this on a video you would be thinking that I'm f__ked.

    Luck was with me......I think.
  2. Why'd you run over it's tail ffs they need it for balance and stuff.
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  3. Well it was either that or death by tree or over the edge and god knows what.
    Given the situation and it could of been worse for all involved....I dont think it will miss the last couple of centimeters.
  4. hit a roo and they win.

    hit a mob a few years back, and stil have the scars from the barbed wire fence I bounced thru.
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  5. Ive hit a roo's tail with my old cage some time back - managed to shave off speed and then shaved its tail - judging by the amount of fur caught in the headlight assembly.
    No damage to car, and roo just stopped for a moment, looked at me, and hopped away.
  6. close call. glad you're ok B.
  7. Glad you are ok and were able to find a gap mate, my uncle hit a big red with his car once and it was new car time.
  8. Its funny what goes through your mind when death or serious injury is just a split second away, I remember thinking "this is really going to hurt" and I think I even closed my eye's as I went through the gap.....
  9. Scary stuff, lucky you didn't come off mate.
  10. Lucky... I collected one near Queanbeyan back in the early 80's and he/she totally screwed the car from just behind the the headlights up to and including the rear bumper bar! Was quite a surprise for the hitch-hiker I had in the passenger seat when the roo smashed into the windscreen.
  11. Cool story. Glad you managed to avoid a serious off.

  12. Not always true. ;) ....Usually, but not always. :)
  13. glad to hear you're ok Bruce!! I closed my eyes when I trashed the beemah, TAC asked if I got recurring nightmares etc from seeing the 'air tumble' in my dreams etc, when I told them I closed my eyes, they said 'best thing I did' dunno if I believe them but think I was a 'little' less tense, streety still laughs at me tho. something about impersonating a crash test dummy lol
  14. lol its always good to laugh AFTER a close call like that.....i dodged one one night i took the wife's new golf for night run down old pac, i was drifting sideways, dab of brake & back on the gas before i even relized what i just avoided....the dumbass roo just hopped straight at me
  15. i had to dodge one just a few hundred metres before Grey Gums on the monthly putty run .. wasn't pleasant :)

    an it did the expected u turn mid road an back at me as well :)
  16. I had 3 come across the road yesterday up Reefton on the bike - none closer than about 8 feet but 1 was a big feller...

    Only time I've hit one was in a fire truck north of Bathurst heading to Mudgee about 6 years ago - bounced straight out between 2 trucks traveling about 3 lengths apart at 60kmh - just clipped his hind quarter with the bar, never saw where he landed
  17. good old roos

    i have just missed heaps of 'em

    one took me out pretty serious at about 80kph on road

    just emergency braked to miss one tonight!
  18. I miss Wallaby Patrol at MotoGP.

    The access track that runs around the inside of the circuit compound, as it goes past the inside of Trackside campground, runs into a scrub area infested with Wallabies. One of our guys on scooters reported in that he had been hit by one. Not really believing it, my supervisor sends me out to find the guy, and sure enough, half way down the side of this scooter, was a nice big crack full of wallaby fluff. I can only imagine if he had hit it, the damage would have been at the front somewhere, and he wouldnt have been going very quick around that section as its all bumps and gravel.

    That was just one story of the $6000 worth of damage done to 12 rented scooters....
  19. Here is an update.......I got hit while riding the gixxer a couple of weeks back, I was out in the back roads of Pyalong enjoying the roads, looked over to my left to see hundreds of sheep in a paddock running away from the noise of the high powered machine (mine) then.....BAMM! Two sheep were in the long grass off the side of the road on my right, one of them ran right into the side of my bike, took out the nose cone and side fairing but I managed to keep the bike upright.

    The statistics (not to mention sheep) are trying to kill me LOL, 1200K,s a week is my average atm, might have to back up a bit on the k's.