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Part Time Courier - Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Ozzifutura, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Anyone offer advice on how /who to contact re part time MC Courier work in Melbourne.

    Currently working 4 weeks on 4 weeks off and looking for some extra cash to help pay for UK/Europe MC tour next year.

    Any thoughts / advice welcome.
  2. You've probably already thought of it, but have a look through the ads in the yellow pages for couriers and just call em and see if they take mc work...

    I know a guy who got work with a company in richmond but I cant remember the name of them sorry, but they mc courier only from what i can remember no HR or minivans etc...I'll see if i can try and track it down for ya...
  3. do they do part time though?

    hmmmm, thinking....

  4. I dont think you can do it part time, i could be wrong though.
    It isnt a very good job! The pay is bad! The running costs arent worth it!
    If you do decide to do it make sure you get on the good side of who ever allocates the jobs :)
  5. any netriders here done courier work before?

    would love to hear their comments

  6. Courier work is great.

    IF you like a stop start, fast paced job that is.

    Some runs are better than others. Some you need to spend almost what you make to cover your running costs.

    I've not done MC work just van & light truck work.

    Would I ride a bike for a living...........shit no!!!!

    Come the weekend I'd be so sick of riding all week, I'd want a weekend of no bike at all.
  7. I did it in the very distant past. Its tougher than you think. Great for fitness believe it or not. Ha think racing pushbikes made me fit? THe fitest I ever was was as a courier.

    PT is very rare. Most begiiners are a dead loss to the company so they want to get you thru that ASP, You have to ride far harder than I would do now. There are some usefull tax dodges that probablly only work if you are full time. Much easier to make money driving a cab tho.

    That said everyone should try it at least once
  8. I'm curious about this as well. MailCall in Sydney regularly run ads promising 1200p.w for bike couriers which seems too good to be true, but even so, you'd think about $1,000 should be manageable. How much could you possibly spend on petrol in a week? Couldn't be more than 50 bucks... that still leaves a reasonable profit, especially considering tax breaks - I'd think that being a contractor you'd get to write off your bike and riding gear as business expense!

    .. and yet, they run these ads pretty much non-stop, so things can't be that rosy. What's the catch?!?
  9. Ahh the joys of a commission paid job.

    How it works, is they work out x jobs at x dollard best case senario will give you $1200.00.

    Now, take from that your GST, PAYG, Super, Insurance, Petrol, Running Costs etc etc.... and factor into that a shithouse week where you get bugger all jobs and it just ain't worth the risk.

    I have been in similar positions and anyone that offers a pure commission style job can go jump as far as im concerned. Way to easy to get burnt and most of the time the contracts are all in their favour and you can get screwed good and propper.

  10. THe workload basically. THink about doing a job at silly speeds with another POB (parcel on board.) running up 4 flights of stairs with full leathers on cos its faster than the elevator, dancing on one foot while waiting for the bimbo behind the desk, (who looks at you like you are pond slime) to stop playing with her nails and actually sign for it... Have her ask you to take it to Jeff up the back cos she is 'busy') Sort that, run downstairs. Jump on the bike to have the radio scream at you for taking so long., all on a wet drizzling feezing day with oil everywhere and the roads like ice. Thats one job of at least 30 for the day.
  11. You neglected to subtract the following;

    Workcover premiums, if you get injured, you'd be wanting some sort of pay.
    Annual Leave allowance, whilst you aren't doing your run, you will probably pay someone else to do it (applicable only if you purchase a franchise area)

    I worked for a company, a pretty bloody shit one, that subbied me out to a courier company.

    I always wanted to try my hand at courier work so I thought, what the hell.
    Anyway, the work was great, I loved it, but................and I do mean BUT.......

    Once all expenses were taken into account, I was being paid $859 NET a week, I worked out that I would have in fact been on $6.98 an hour had I decided to buy the franchise and owned the run, assuming that all the above expenses were met.

    As Greg already said, x multiplied by x = $1200 a week. Is probably based on the smallest run they have that is done by the most experienced person they have where the courier knows each and every address, location of delivery, person to deliver to etc etc etc..........
    When you are starting out you lose a lot of time getting to know where everything is, this is where a lot of people go "bang this" and quit. Hence the job being advertised "every single week" The turn over of staff would be enourmous!
  12. Yeah its like driving a cab. The best 12 hour shift I ever had.. this was like 6 years ago I made 348 bucks for the 12 hours.
    So 174 for me. -2 bucks insurance.
    so 172 /12 is 14.5 bucks an hour. which was ok

    BUT the worst night I ever had was $7 in 3 hours.. but then the car broke down and it took another few hours to sort it. Soo it wrked out to be $7 in 7 hours 3,50 for me - 2 for insurance. =1.50 and I had to get a cab home from the garage.
    Had more nights like that than really good ones. Tho mind you I made more as a courier.

    They advertise for cab drivers every week too. THo these days I think most people just run out of points
  13. I think I'd prefer to work as a courier for two reasons: one, it seems you need to work nights to make any kind of money as a cabbie, while couriers work in business hours. Sure less traffic is nice, but I'm not a big fan of staying awake for night shifts... been there, done that... didn't like it much.

    Two, I'd rather have the company of parcels and envelopes than people. Parcels don't make conversation, criticise, complain, vomit in the back seat or try to stab you in the back and make off with your $3.50 :)
  14. Yeah point one is very valid. And you get thru the traffic quicker on a bike. THe meter rate is set so you dont really make money in traffic. You dont really lose it if you see what I mean. Er. It runs enough so you are not losing money if someone is in the car but you are not really making it either. ANd a lot of the time in traffic you are empty and then you are losing momey. So you need to be quick in traffic in the cab to come out ahead which explains much :)

    Point two is even more valid. Now honestly I think I am as far from racist as any bloke anywhere could be. But I wouldnt pick up an aboriginal in Smith st Collingwood. And lots of other similar things. Its becouse the bad fare ratio is so much higher. One out of every 3 you pick up allong there will give you a hard time whearas normally its about 1 in 20. Lots of other places and groups that thats true off too. The customer aint always right. Never drive a 5 seater and work the radio. THey will for sure give you 5 blokes to pick up. Any group of 5 blokes at night has one designated dickhead. Its a rule. It might be fine. Or he might decide to give you a hard time. The bloke with the smell witll always sit next to you.

    Mind you I picked up Chopper Read and he tipped me $20. I picked up Senator Jo Valentine and she paid me with a dud cabcharge. :(

    I had much more fun on the courier bike. But its surely more dangerous. Day in day out you cannot always be at the top of your game. Its fun and everyone should do it for a while but I couldnt do it long term.
  15. Hi All,

    Back from sea and it seems there has been some discusssion - GREAT to see Thanks.

    The majority seem to be steering away from it as a viable thing. I was thinking if I caould drag in some xtra cash would be great but aftre this I may look at other alternatives.

    FYI Drove Cabs for four years back in the late 80s and early 90s. Made good cash (voice call and got on well with the operators know what I mean, guess same may go for couriers)

    Think cab earnings have been fairly static in the time since. I noticed whaen they moved away from voice call to the electronic dispatch system the work starte to be dispersed mor fairly ???? thus reducing my income. To that meant that the lazy sods who sat around waiting for the work to come to them started making more while I continued chasing it.

    CopuLater and thanks gain for the input.
  16. you could always try pizza delivery.. it's a nice job for someone who likes to drive around listening to music all evening or chatting to people in store when it isnt busy :)
  17. Yeh, I notice Domino's Pizza in Carlton has a shiny fleet of kitted-out scooters and is always looking for riders. :moped: I imagine the pay is bad, however. Thinking I might do it myself for a kick in summer, when my Uni work dries up.