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part supply

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. I've just tried to get a brake caliper rebuild kit from Suzuki and I have been told it will be 2-4 weeks.

    I see this as really poor service.

    This is a critical item from both a vehicle operation and a safety point of view.

    Also, it's not like my brakes are particuly rare. They run over a number of different years and different models.

    These would be a relatively high turnover item for Suzuki.

    I wonder if these poeple, that make management decisions to use JIT to source parts, realise the consequence this have on brand reputation.

    I could understand if it was a petrol tank or body panel, but I standard safety service item like this....

    What is your experience?
  2. Hi yah Iblast

    I know the frustration mate but I have a great contact


    I have used bert for years and he usually has the parts in stock because more importantly he cross references the manufactureres parts there fore knows that a GSXR11 and CBX etc use the same kit

    Even obsure gaskets like my cucciolo ducati take 4 weeks max ( 1 off order type and even then gives me the option of air freight)

    Give him ago

  3. This is why I ride a Honda :D They have their own spare parts warehouse within Australia. All of the other brands only keep high demand parts in stock and order everything else from overseas.
  4. Is it a "Suzuki" caliper??? most of the bike companies use a third party brake like Nissin
  5. Suzuki sometimes use Tokico Honda use Nissen Yamaha use Brembo cause they own them now Kawasaki use ?????? or for a change they reverse within the manufacturers

    Tokico are also used by mazda etc so for some obscure reason i have overhauled my master cylinder for $5 by going to a brake shop and getting mazda rear drum parts to fit my tokico master cylinder took 10 minutes to work it out with the guy also helps having a vernier with you to knoe the aperture sizes
  6. Theoretically suzuki also have a warehouse. In the past I've only ever had to wait 2 day. I put this down to dealers being slack and stocking nothing and Suzuki catching their wides.

    I think they are Tokicos.

    The factory kits I put through the old gsxr (nissen) were quite good, in that I not only got the seals, but the dust covers, o-rings AND replacement pistons. The price is not bad $50ish for all that.

    thanks for the bk link. I've never used them. I will try there first next time. I fear I've already payed for these items.
  7. $50 for all that kit is a damn bargain! When i was livening up the brakes on my old FZR250 i was quoted almost $80 PER caliper just for the dust covers & o-rings. I've been meaning to rip apart the front MC for a re-co so i might go hunt down some car parts.

    Any hints on which brake places are helpful as opposed to complete morons. I came across a fair few of the moron types last time i went looking for help/parts. One guy adamantly told me that i would NEVER get 2 pistons out of the caliper (after he tried and failed) - went home and 10 minutes later they were out.

    In regards to parts delivery... i've succumbed to going to get my parts through the satan of dealerships (yes, P.S). They seem to have more pulling power when it comes to getting parts quickly, and they almost always seem to undercut Yamaha by a couple of $$$'s on each part.