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Part of the Club finally.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Danesh, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Heeelllooooooo one and all,

    Been a member of this site for the past 2-3months, just reading and doing a lot of research on bikes and getting in all your views on different topics. It has been very helpful and very informative.

    I am proud to say that after doing all that reading and thinking i got my Learners Permit 2 days ago. Looking into selling my car now and using some of that money to buy a bike. Anway just wanted to shout out a thanks to all, you should be seeing more of me on this site and hopefully on ride days when i get my machine. Cheers

  2. Welcome Aboard mate !
  3. Welcome to bikes.
    Selling your dry mode of transport is a big call :LOL:

    Whats the prize for guessing where you're from :?:
    If it's not a competition stick it in your profile :!:
  4. Welcome!

    I've just done the exact same thing. Got my L's at the beginning of Jan, sold my car at the end of Jan and bought a bike the same day. (Was only driving ~200km per month so didn't see the point in having a car).

    Have only had the bike for less than two weeks and only ridden a handful of times, but my confidence and comfort levels are increasing rapidly.

    Just got back from a 90 minute practice session that included a bit of slow maneuvering, emergency braking and emergency counter-steering. As soon as I got off the bike, I wanted to go out again. :grin:

    Sorry for the semi-ramble, just wanted to share my enthusiasm! :LOL:

    Make sure you update your location and your bike details when you buy one.