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Part of Learning is Learning to Deal With the Weather

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Not4Resale, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Right well I was riding home from work (3 am), and might I just say that I have learned that more than enough clothes are definitely not enough!!!! When I got the bike, I went out and bought all the awesome gear, Nice dririder jacket(with a thermal layer), riding gloves (winter and summer) and some Alpinestar boots. So anyway. On the night, I was wearing my work uniform and gear, it consisted of: fairly crappy black pants, jeans over the pants(lol), my boots, long sleeve work shirt, work vest, dririder jacket with thermal and dammit my summer gloves! On the ride home, I could feel the icy winds coming through my helmet and gloves and by god i think I nearly got frostbite. I got work tonight again but this time, I'm gonna add to that collection : Thermal underwear!!!!!, a bandana for the ice winds, an undershirt and my Effin winter gloves!

    I have learned my lesson. To all the other learners, winter is coming so bloody suit up, it's cold and it sucks getting caught without the right gear on. To any riders who have experienced this hell(and I know there are many of you out there), post your story here and give the noobs a hearty warning and advice for the colder months.

  2. I'm lucky i don't have a winter here, its a hard summer, then a soft summer, no such thing as winter :D.
  3. ohhhh ya... been there bud.

    I'm norm on the road to work by about 4:45am and the first really cold day i just wore my draggin jeans... as soon as i had a gap in clients i went up to the motorcycle store (5min ride) and bought some icon winter pants.

    Im still managing with my alpin* GP plus gloves but my hands are starting to ice over lol.

    Whenever people ask me "what kind of gear should i get" i always include in my answer "get gear for the conditions" obviously with winter coming up its a no brainer.
  4. I hate this time of the year here in Melbourne!

    I start work at 7am so its an early ride at 6am when the temp is down to about 8 degrees and the wind chill factor on the bike is about -35465684 degrees riding the freeway at 100kph (well it seems that way for me, i don't like the cold much)!
    Head off home at 3pm when the temp is mid to high 20's and quite nice to ride with summer gear.

    So you end up having to take gear for both seasons and that becomes a real pain in the butt.

    In the morning i leave with wet weather / winter thermal lined pants, summer jacket with the thin thermal lining in, thermal under shirt, neck warmer, dri-rider thermal winter gloves, boots and helmet.

    In the afternoon i return home wearing dragins, summer jacket without the thermal lining and vents open, summer gloves, boots and helmet.

    At the end of the day id be stuffed without the Ventura rack and pack on the bike. So my advice would be to get a rack system so you don't have to suffer with one set of gear for two seasons in a day.

  5. In chilly weather I reckon you cant go past a neck warmer & good quality camping thermal stuff under your gear. All are easier to store if the weather changes instead of other riding gear.
  6. Highly recommend the thermals.

    Just got some from Aussie Disposals in Where's Wally stripes :shock: and paid just over 50 bucks for both top and bottom (on sale).

    Woodsy looks adorable in his camo ones :wink: :grin:
  7. Ive notice a couple of times going to work the wind chill factor has gotten through to my bones and I only have a 10km commute. I have a dririder type jacket with thermal liner which I had removed, long sleeved top, leather gloves, jeans and work boots. Im going to have to consider the thermal stuff too coz I dont fancy the cold either. If I get to work cold then it takes abit to warm up afterwards. :shock:
  8. G'day everyone,......

    Rideing to work in the morning I just have my work uniform on,short sleeve polo shirt and sleevless jumper under my Dri-rider jacket,.....
    I just make sure the sleeves are closed up so no wind gets up your sleeves to chill you.
    I also have a neck-warmer from work that I wear in cold weather to stop cold air going down your neck to chill you.
    I find that I stay warm as long as I can keep the cold air OUTSIDE my jacket.

    The same aplies with rideing in the rain.
    I just include my Dri-rider wet weather pants.

    Dr Who?
  9. yeh had a much better time coming home this morning. It's amazing what wonders a ski mask and some winter gloves can do! :grin:
  10. being warm and comfortable is a big plus when it comes to being able to react, having corculation so things like fingers and legs work is a bonus!

    I think everyone at one stage or anoher gets caught out, stays late, weather changes, what ever.

    Tips would be get a thin waterproof suit. The one I use is an old dri rider branded "cyclone" suit. It rolls up into a tight small bundle, and works like overalls. I am sure there are similar suits avaliable. It will provide stuff all protection in a spill but is waterproof and keeps the wind out. It can fit under my seat so is always there and makes a huge diff on chilly nights. With regards to gloves, just go into a servo and get two plastic bags. Looks crap, not environmentally friendly, but can keep your fingers warm. Can also work on boots/shoes as well.