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Part 1. My Quest To Be Naked - Speed Triple

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Respi, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. My hunt for my new bike is underway and first on the list for me is the Triumph Speed Triple 1050cc bike.

    Before we start I’ll be straight to the point and fess up that I’m no great story teller and spell check will probably go mad trying to fix my grammatical errors with the below, but I just don’t care as I feel compelled to try and tell my test rides with a sense of passion.

    I’ll admit I was pretty nervous at first considering the power that was rumbling between my legs waiting desperately for me to roll on the throttle just so it could show off on how fast it can get from point A to point B with allot of style and serious amounts of low end torque. They say it’s a bike that does 0-100km in about 3 seconds flat and I’m confident after being prompted by the sales guy to test those waters, those claims would be entirely true.

    The raw power did come as a shock at first, however, after we got acquainted I began to understand her story and why she is the way she is. I got to experience first hand what allot of reviews had being saying ‘gold’. The wheel base is shorter than its little sister the Street triple which I felt gave the bike sharper steering. Sure it doesn’t look like your normal super sports bike, but rest assured it will have no problems walking the talk in the real world environment of day to day riding if that’s your thing.

    The test ride ended and I dismounted with a huge grin on my face feeling that a bar had just been set & set very high. I’ll confess that although this bike was on my list of bikes to try, I never really thought I’d take it seriously and it would be a race between the other two I have on the list.

    Now the bar has been set very high and the Benelli TNT Café Racer & MV Augusta Brutale have some tough work ahead if they plan on taking up the prime position in my garage at home.

    What are you thoughts or expierences with any of these bikes?


  2. my dad used to own a 1995 speed triple
    he fricking loved it.
    the thing was a wheelie machine, went like the blazes & was an absolute blast to ride.
  3. To be honest, I think that other two bikes you mentioned are not at the same price range. And then, I believe people buy MV Agusta/Benelli/Ducati, not for speed or torque but because they can and they like the look/exclusivity etc etc..

    my 2 c.
  4. Appreciate your open honesty about this.

    To be honest I personally don't think that way which is probably fortunate, because my decision will come down to what feels the best and makes me smile the most, regardless of the badge the bike has.
  5. Did a track day not long ago and my Speed Triple, and was passed - easily - around the outside by a Benelli Cafe Racer 1130. Admittedly, my S3 is not quite current spec, and the rider may well have been better and braver (not hard :LOL: ), but it was scary how good that thing was.
    But it (the Benelli) didn't make it through the day and went home early on a trailer. Maybe that says it all... ?
  6. Thanks for that mate - this is why discussions like this are so important when buyign a bike, because when you here a bad story once you'll generally disregard it thinking it's an isolated event.

    But when you then here it over and over it sends a clear warning about the problems you'll probably face also if you go downt hat path.

    I'll still take it for a spin and try and write it up with with an open mind, but have a strong reservations about going any further with it after reading all the not so positive feedback.

    thanks again mate - it was good feedback to get!
  7. The Benelli nearly killed JohnnyO...

    I'd like to throw another one into the mix you maybe haven't considered: the Moto Morini Corsaro. They're sold by Benelli dealers (at least the one in South Melb) so you might get to ride it back to back with the TnT.

    It's got a truly sensational 1200cc v-twin engine, all the italian goodies at the bouncy ends, good looks and a bad attitude - and I haven't seen hardly any of them on the road, so it's guaranteed to draw eyeballs wherever you take it.

    Here's the test I did on it: http://www.gizmag.com/go/8075/
  8. Loz that's gold mate - really appreciate it!
  9. Hey, Loz - Offtopic, regarding that review of the '9.5': You're not kidding that it looks like the VTR250. In fact, I'm not convinced that my old VTR is not living a new life as a 1200cc-swapped, rebadged monsterbike! :LOL:
  10. Personaly i think if you are looking at a Moto Morini then the scrambler is much more of a head turning eye popping option.

    It is just Brutal! [​IMG]
  11. Brutal this is brutal

  12. I agree that it is a brutal photoshop!
  13. talk to Naked_One he has one (EDIT bennelli), loves it but said it has caused some troubles...

    go with the grin if u don't care about the rest, but remember its hard to smile when the repair bill comes for something that may be unreliable
  14. From Triumph Specifications

    Street Triple 675
    Wheelbase: 1395mm
    Rake: 24.3°
    Trail: 95.3mm

    2008 Speed Triple
    Wheelbase: 1429mm
    Rake: 23.5°
    Trail: 84mm

    The Street Triple has a shorter wheelbase. The steeper rake and shorter trail on the Speed Triple is what is responsible for making it feel like it's quicker to steer.

    As for bikes going around the outside in corners. The general rule of thumb is 85% rider / 15% bike when it comes to how fast anyone will get along (so long as the bike isn't pegging off the rev-limiter in top gear ala a CT110).
  15. my little head can only retain so much info before it gets mushed together with other stuff.

    My apologies for the mis-information.
  16. Street Triple wheel base is shorter and your the first person I've
    ever heard say the Speed has sharper steering then the Street.
    I've heard people say Speed feels like a bus after riding the Street,
    but never the other way around - each to their own.

    Don't assume the Street is the slower bike of the two
    because of the price tag and bigger motor of the Speed
    - Speed Triple is only faster in a straight line me thinks.
  17. I should qualify what I meant earlier by saying that was more a case of when the bikes straightened up out of the corner and cracked it open. I had been quite enjoying getting a short-lived jump on a few IL4s while they waited for their rubber bands to wind up... then this gold preying mantis thing just ate us all up.
    Agree 100% with you about it being mostly rider though. I just wanted to indicate how much mumbo those Benelli thingies have got.
  18. Take a Superduke out for a spin, if you the think the Speed Triple is a hooligan bike the SD will be right up your alley :grin:
  19. I'm biased, but the Tuono every time for me!

    What's your budget? That will set what you can have. The SD is mad, the Tuono is the same, Brutale is crazy and the Speed Triple a loon machine.

    Just avoid those jap naked bikes that 'have lowered peak power for more mid range'. Stuff mid range, I want power. You can't have enough of it :)
  20. Suckle from the teet of this man's wisdom, for it is so.

    "Re-tuned for mid-range" is marketing speak for castrating a perfectly good engine to allow pansies to ride bikes they otherwise would not have the cojones for while allowing them to say their bike is "based on a XYZ1000RR". I fart on those bike.

    I'm also a Tuono tragic, go ride one and see if it doesn't strain the pants fabric.