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Parriwi Road - Spit Bridge Mosman

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wheelo, May 5, 2016.

  1. Just wondering if anyone else commutes from the northern beaches of Sydney using the Spit Bridge, and in particular, the Parriwi Road shortcut?

    It is a complicated intersection involving a slip road off Spit Road, which leads into the entrance of a Yacht Club car park. Turning left from the carp ark into Parrawi Road saves a few minutes of Spit Road congestion in the morning peak.

    I assume the well heeled residents of Parriwi Road are fairly influential over the local council and Yacht Club when it comes to controlling the volume of vehicles coming up this road, having installed a boomgate a couple of years ago that only operates on a timer in the AM peak. They have also convinced the North Sydney police to patrol the street every other day with speed radars and catching riders who do not obey the stop sign in front of the boom gate or no left turn from Spit Road.

    All was well for regular riders up until last week when the boom gate was extended for the sole purpose of preventing riders from going around the side of the boom. Riders could mount the roll kerb to still squeeze around for a few days. Which must have annoyed the residents a lot as the following day, council witches hats were placed on the roll kerb to prevent squeezing around. These witches hats soon became displaced and then replaced the following day.

    This arrangement has obviously disgruntled someone this week as I noticed that the boom gate had been completely bent out of place!

    I would like to here from any other riders who use this route regarding their views on why the council and police are going to such lengths to prevent riders from gaining a small time advantage over other cars on their morning commute. It would also be good to determine if the boom gate is on public or private land.
  2. I have used it in the car a few years back,never seen this boom gate. Typical Mosman wankers,thats where harold Scrimpy holds court. Hang on, do you mean turning left just before the hill starts after the bridge. I thought you were taking about the rat run halfway up the hill and turning right. If its the former that was a completely open road when I first got a licence 30 years ago. Again typical Mosman wankers.
  3. That road is used by cyclists to keep them off the main road up the Spit hill... it probably would not be very safe to share with fast moving bikes, especially some of the rat bags I see riding around the Northern Beaches.
  4. Yes Zim, the left at the bottom. It has a no left turn sign from Spit Road now, hence having to take the slip road and then a hard left from the car park.
  5. My understanding from your post is that it is Safe for cars to use Parriwi Road with cyclists, but not motorcycles. I don't think many on here would agree with this! No regular commuter speeds up this road, as it constantly has mobile police radars.
  6. No, not really my intention, though I see why you might infer that.
    Parriwi road is effectively reserved for cyclists and local traffic and all other vehicles are strongly discouraged from using it. I am guessing this is because a) It would be in conflict with slow moving cyclists, b) To stop "queue jumpers" and c) as you already suggested, the locals are well heeled and influential.

    My comment re motorcyclists is more of a comment on why I think that "the authorities" feel it is best to keep the traffic segregated, and that would include cars and bikes. By the way I am appalled by the cyclists who ride slowly up Spit Hill or Burnt Bridge Creek Deviation (yes folks, that really is the name of the road!) instead of using sensible alternative routes.
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    This has got the attention of the Rupert Murdorch local newspaper the Mosman Daily.

    No Cookies | Daily Telegraph

    and some Facebook comments

    " I don't see police patrolling Parriwi Rd; they don't even bother patrolling the T3 lane anymore. Boomgate at the entrance so you need to get a ticket to access the parking lot. Other solutions: speed bumps on Parriwi Rd and max. 40 km with a speed camera."

    "Wish the police would set up a speed camera on Parriwi (or Beauty Point Rd) during the rat run period rather than a booze bus on Ernest St...police on patrol at rat run time is a perfect revenue raising opportunity, would make it safer for cyclists, local kids, animals and the community"

    "Never ceases to amaze me the total selfish stupidity of just about every motorcyclist and cyclist who dip in and out of traffic, jump in front at light, do not indicate when turning or being total bloody twats ignoring everyone else and then say motorists are at fault."
  8. Also residents for mosman have posted the following

    "You have to feel sorry for the residents along this rat run. The Northern beaches motorists/riders are dangerously and illegally flouting existing traffic controls"

    "The area is the key part of the cycle way between the Northern Beaches and the City. The traffic measures are designed to allow cycles and local traffic only to get through and stop bicycles of Spit Rd. These rat runners are driving through the yacht Club car park to access the rat run"

    Residents For Mosman

    The mosman council mayor's view.
    "People have paid large amounts of money to live in quiet leafy roads and their amenity is seriously disturbed by having large amounts of traffic.