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VIC Parliamentary Inquiry into M/C Safety Report: 12/12/12. Free Longer Look T-shirt for riders*

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Dec 5, 2012.

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    The Parliamentary Inquiry into M/C Safety will issue their report on the morning of 12th December 2012.

    MB will have "Take a longer look" T-shirts at Parliament house, for riders to wear in the gallery and outside for the Photo Op. (Availability Time TBC) Donations for the SMIDSY campaign cause will be appreciated otherwise the T-shirts will be offered free subject to size and availability. :)

    Official Government Blurb:

    The Report of the Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety will be tabled in Parliament on Wednesday 12 December 2012.

    Tabling is likely to occur around 9.30am. In terms of process, please note:
    • A short statement will immediately follow the tabling of the Report in the Legislative Council
    • No statement will be made in relation to the Report until about 12.15pm in the Legislative Assembly
    The times provided are indicative only.

    Once tabled, a copy of the Report will be available from the Table Office in Parliament House, and via the Road Safety Committee website: http://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/rsc/inquiries/article/1409

    Members of the public are welcome to be present in the gallery when the Report is tabled and statements are made, however please note that persons in the gallery are expected to remain quiet at all times. Failure to do so may result in persons being asked to leave.

    = = = = = = =

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  2. On those “free” t-shirts – we would love to see a big crowd of riders in the Public Gallery backing the Victorian Motorcycle Council on such an important occasion so we’re going to adopt a pay-what-you-want scheme for one day only for those who come along in support.

    So if Christmas bills are beginning to kick in and you can make it to Parliament in time you can help fly the flag; but for those who’d still like to make a donation to the Stop SMIDSY fund that produced the Take a Longer Look ad you’re more than welcome to!

    We'll look to get a few pics on the steps of Parliament after things finish up between 1pm and 1:30pm
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  3. I will be there for sure.

    Cheers Jeremy
  4. Thanks Rob MB good to know :)
  5. OK, so we should be there around 9?
  6. That's a good question - of course you can, then grab a copy of the report and sit down with a coffee for a good read. The second presentation will be the one with a bit more media action and the photo opportunity.
  7. Will the Report be available immediately it is tabled in the Council or does the public have to wait until it is tabled in both Houses?
  8. It'll appear on the website about 9:30am
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  9. UPDATE - Free SMIDSY t-shirt for riders attending Victorian Parliament tomorrow (Wed) for Motorcycle Safety Report: Olivia (in black next to Stop SMIDSY Ambassador Bron) will have 50 t-shirts on the steps of Parliament between 11:30 and 11:50 (not 12 as previously stated). See ya there!

    This photo is a behind-the-scenes shot taken during the filming of the "Take a Longer Look" advert
    Bron and Olivia.
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  10. Honest question .....

    Lets say I was to make the once in a decade pilgrimage to the shithole you people call the city to support the cause...where would you park the bike that's safe, free, not accosted by the grey ghost/revenue hounds.
  11. Plenty of footpath parking outside parliment you will see all the bikes parked there just pull in and find a spot.

    Cheers Jeremy
  12. What sort of time are people getting there?
  13. I am assuming the between 11:30 and 11:50 was a hint.

    Not sure if I can get away due to pressure of work but will try to slip out for an hour or so. Will an hour be enough?
  14. I will get there about nine, have a coffee, read report, laugh, cry and cheer. Then relax over a nice steak lunch.
  15. After the 12:30 attendance in the gallery with the rest of us? ;)
  16. will the smidsy girl be there?

    seriously though... gonna try and make it for the 12.30 thing. will have to have a rea of all the details for meet up time and place etc.
  17. Fixed
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  18. Sorry never been able to get subtle hints.