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VIC Parliamentary Inquiry into M/C Safety Report: 12/12/12. Analysis.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Greydog, Dec 12, 2012.

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    First (hurried) scan of the report:
    - some very encouraging language
    - appears to support filtering (!)
    - appears to move toward mandatory protective gear (eventually)
    - appears to move toward ABS ('encouraged', not necessarily prescribed) and 'intelligent transport systems'
    - big emphasis on better research and data
    - supports more training
    - castigates TAC's attitude to rider responsibility
    - that the motorcycle levy be abolished!!!

    Edit: Further reading appears to show both ABS and protective clothing issues as non-mandated (?)
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    This is sweet: that levy money never be used to pay for VP operational costs!

    Also, subsidies for approved 'protective' gear. Aus standards to be developed.

    "That the TAC's funding funding of enforcement be reviewed, with a view to identifying whether there has been an undue reliance on enforcement, by the TAC, and whether these funds would be more appropriately spent on alternative programs..."

    Just.... wow. :woot:
  4. This is absolutely huge:
    "That the hypothecation of funds derived from enforcement, and their transfer to a specific road safety fund..."

    An end to (consolidated) revenue raising from fines? Surely not.
  5. Cant load the report on my phone, but from titus's updates sounds pretty much bang on what we wanted. Hopefully it will actually all be implemented by the government :/

    Nice work by all who made submissions!
  6. This was nice:

    " The Committee believes that it was necessary to take this approach* because its investigations consistently found an absence of rigour and data justifying positions and proposals. That approach to motorcycling safety, or the safety of any road user group, simply cannot continue if we are to realise real and sustained road trauma reductions. "

    *referring to them rigorously cross referencing everything with numerous sources etc to ensure a correct and accurate view.
  7. Awesome stuff. From a quick read, these are some of my favorite recommendations.

    Recommendation 25:
    That the motorcycle safety levy be abolished.

    Recommendation 30:
    That all motorcycle safety levy funded projects have clear performance indicators that can be measured at the start, during and at the completion of the project.

    Recommendation 36:
    That, unless otherwise abolished, the motorcycle safety levy be linked to a specific motorcycle trauma reduction figure which, once reached, would result in the levy being abolished.

    Recommendation 59:
    That the benefits and risks of filtering, as distinct from lane splitting, be reviewed with the aim of introducing filtering in Victoria....
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  8. can't see any mention of compulsory hi-vis, fnps or compulsory protective gear!
  9. Recommendation 20:
    That VicRoads includes motorcycle specific questions in its licence testing regime and motorcycle safety (including awareness) content in its training syllabus for learner and probationary car licence students.
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  10. They haven't forgetten the TAC's crap advertising either:

    Recommendation 22:
    That the Transport Accident Commission focus its motorcycle safety advertising on redressing the attitude that responsibility for rider safety is solely attributable to the rider, by ensuring that campaigns dealing with motorcycles raise driver awareness and do not create negative stereotypes, perceptions or attitudes among drivers.
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  11. Shame I didn't get to take the day off to go...would have loved to meet some of you clowns and support the SMIDSY campaign.
  12. Good work. Well done all the riders who contributed to this. Especially for recommendation 22, that is a well deserved ass kicking.
  13. Great turn out of supporters for the media, well done!

    ABC TV, 3AW, 10 were all there and hopefully covering it through the day. Data collection was a big win, castigating the current inadequate mix of selective data reporting: if implemented it will benefit all road users by stopping the current hiatus of speed being responsible for everything.

    VicRoads lack of accountability for the M/C levy spending is another biggie: they wilfully failed to respond to the RSC over where the $43 mil taken so far has been spent. Only ~$4 mil accounted for, and not to motorcycle specific spending.

    Huge, huge win if this report gets accepted and acted upon :)
  14. It was nice to see a quorum of riders there..

    I haven't had a chance to have a good read through the document yet, but based on what others have said above it sounds like it's an absolutely fantastic outcome. I guess now we need to do everything we can to ensure that the recommendations are actioned.

    I'd also like to say a big _big_ thanks to everyone who has been involved in getting to this stage; those who spent time preparing presentations and providing input into the process, the parliamentarians and their teams who listened to what was said and managed to filter the signal from the noise, the riders who have come along to the various sittings to show support, Maurice Blackburn for their ongoing support of riders.. everyone.. you've all done a great job! (y)
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  15. +100! Couple of people there who should never have to put their hand in their pocket to buy a drink, ever again!
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  16. Well played, guys. Well played. I am typing this last sentence because the forum software doesn't think "well played, guys. well played" is five words.
  17. Recommendation 7:
    That the current accredited provider scheme be reviewed by an external organisation
    such as the Monash University Accident Research Centreā€¦

    Wellll I dunno about that.
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  18. SURELY suitable standards already exist somewhere. Making up our own standards is EXACTLY what we should avoid, look what that's done to helmet prices.
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  19. I was inside as this report was being tabled. He actually mentioned all of the above was not in this report since there is no data or evidence supporting these things. My understanding was that these things have never been put on the table by any side.

    Sorry cannot remember his exact words.
  20. It does say to use the European standards with exceptions for Victorian and Australian conditions etc.