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VIC Parliamentary Committee, Motorcycle Safety Inquiry

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Noticibly F.A.T, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Hey All,

    Found this on bikesales while searching for a little slice of heaven

    Public hearing into reconstruction ad
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  2. Re: Hearing in to 'that' TAC add

    that's worth a day off work. To see them squirm at least.
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  3. Re: Hearing in to 'that' TAC add

    Our mob have to be sure to be armed to the teeth with counters and counter counter arguments backed up with peer reviewed research and/or demand peer reviewed research from them.
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  4. Re: Hearing in to 'that' TAC add

    Good luck Peter Baulch and VMC put the pricks to the test.

    also ' the reporting date for the inquiry in to motorcycle safety has been extended to 13th Dec 2012 '

    And August 31st is a Friday ... long weekend anyone ?
  5. Re: Hearing in to 'that' TAC add

    Thanks. I've marked this in my calendar. Friday August 31st. 10am - 1pm. 55 St Andrews place (parliament buildings near Spring St); .. suggest others do the same.
  6. Re: Hearing in to 'that' TAC add

    Hell yeah..I will take the day off to show my support
  7. Re: Hearing in to 'that' TAC add

    My contributions as a pissed off citizen:
    general disgust - http://twowheelthrive.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/letter-to-tac.html
    Sam Cockfield quote - http://twowheelthrive.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/on-message.html
    "evidence based" - http://twowheelthrive.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/evidence-based.html
    in response to brush off - http://twowheelthrive.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/letter-to-tac-2.html
    letter to JT (unanswered) - http://twowheelthrive.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/state-of-union.html
    survey of TAC effectiveness - http://twowheelthrive.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/tac-campaign-effectiveness-survey-part.html
    petition - http://www.change.org/petitions/tac-victoria-get-real-about-rider-safety
    response to petition:
    after 'consultation' - http://twowheelthrive.blogspot.com.au/2012/07/few-good-men.html
    letter to Minister for TAC - http://twowheelthrive.blogspot.com.au/2012/07/dear-minister.html

    Research related items:
    MSSS Recommendations (2008)
    • "Implement periodic quality audits of databases." (contrast VAGO report 2011)
    • "Use in-depth motorcycle-specific studies similar to the MAIDS (Motorcycle Accident In-depth Study) to identify key factors relevant to motorcycle crashes and allow international data comparison." (contrast TAC's use of only TAC data in 2010 strategy)
    • "Ensure that public education strategies for motorcycle and scooter safety include key messages for both riders and other road users." (compare TAC campaigns created since 2008)
    • "Establish and maintain an effective consultative framework for road safety authorities and rider representatives to develop motorcycle and scooter safety messages." (enough said!)
    • "Evaluate existing messages including engagement, recognition and behaviour change among the target audience." (compare 2010 TAC strategy that calls netrider flaming the 'reduce the risks' as "pleasing degree of ... community recognition")

    Most recent letter to GRP (FWIW YMMV but I think the list of questions is not completely without merit) - http://twowheelthrive.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/a-broken-record-but-good-one.html

    Must stop now before I blow a gasket. Hope some of this may a) be helpful and b) find its way to Peter and/or the RSC.
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  8. Re: Hearing in to 'that' TAC add

    In my calendar. Need to get a few hours off. Should be doable.
  9. Re: Hearing in to 'that' TAC add

    Sounds like an excellent excuse for a biking convoy?
  10. Re: Hearing in to 'that' TAC add

    What would be awesome would be a convoy / gathering of motorcyclists who have been in a collision who weren't speeding.

    "You decide your speed, but 84% of the time other motorists decide if you live or die."
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  11. Re: Hearing in to 'that' TAC add

    Hey that's me :)
  12. Re: Hearing in to 'that' TAC add

    Now I'm wondering if I can get the next issue of MR out for 31/8. And if I can get those interviews with crash survivors into it to do a "The TAC says this, but here's the reality as seen from the back of the ambulance..." piece
  13. Re: Hearing in to 'that' TAC add

  14. Re: Hearing in to 'that' TAC add

    Head to head.........fuck yes this is relevant to my interests
  15. Re: Hearing in to 'that' TAC add

    Any chance any of you can spell ad?????????
    not add
  16. Re: Hearing in to 'that' TAC add

    On this occasion that point doesn't feature strongly. Hands up who has something to say and who wants to play the ball?

    I reckon I'm in.
  17. Re: Hearing in to 'that' TAC add

    Hey Smee, to quote Simon,

    'If 50 per cent of the population are routinely breaking the law it's actually the law that needs looking at.'

    Therefore, if so many in the community are spelling it 'add' then maybe it's the dictionary that needs looking at!!
  18. Re: Hearing in to 'that' TAC add

    No as it is not a word associated with advertising.
    wy nt jst tlk sht nstd
    now back on topic please.
  19. Re: Hearing in to 'that' TAC add

    Unfortunately folks, it won't be a debate. It probably should be a debate, but it wont be. If it was, I'd want Blacke, Smiledude and TonyE on the panel with us. Fire power like that would hold us in good stead.

    VMC were originally given several hours to talk through the detail in depth, then it got cut back to a pitifully short time, and after some representation, we were given some additional time. The original time has been split between VMC and TAC/VicPol however. So it's still a bit of a rear guard action and won't get anywhere near the depth it needs... I'm hoping to deliver the condensed version of several collective months of collective NR wisdom on this topic in the time allotted.

    Basically, Friday will be two additional public hearing submissions, one from VMC, one from TAC. The committee will consider both sets of input and determine what will make it into the report and what recommendations will flow from it.

    You can bet TAC will appear armed to the gills with tracker surveys and focus group results and internet surveys and every bit of bluster and puffery spinning up their approach and results in the best light to their political masters. They've been getting a steady kicking from all quarters and will want to put their best shiny shoe'd foot forward. The thing is though, they didn't need to get a kicking, if only they'd genuinely include riding expertise in their approach and free themselves from the shackles of the speed kills paradigm.

    I'd strongly support and recommend riders attending. The TAC are completely enamoured with their approach and are absolutely cognitively dissonant about the negative view that they and their approach are held in. They are genuinely surprised that riders consider them anti motorcycling. Weight of numbers will show the committee and TAC clearly and unequivocally where they stand.

    For the record, this hearing was as a result of some constructive lobbying from the VMC Chairman, Peter Baulch, some eminent folk having a word in other eminent folk's collective ears, a steady stream of representation from the (most of, not all) of the rider reps at the MAG, and a combination of some genuine grass roots ground swell noise making from the likes of Blacke (well done brother) and other rider organisations registering a continual drip of official complaints. Spring street has well and truly heard the complaints.
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  20. Re: Hearing in to 'that' TAC add

    Blacke and Smiledude, you have my email addy's.

    Blacke, if you could give me a couple/several pages of your razor sharp intellect on your take on the TAC's coorporate and philosophical approach to motorcyclists, that would be sensational. That would form some solid background for me to dip into.

    [MENTION=26931]smileedude[/MENTION] Smileedude. If you can flesh out the tracker survey analysis that you started a little while back, that would be bloody sensational.