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parklife @}-;-'--

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. is anyone going this year?


    I'm down in Melbourne then and I wanna go.

    Anyone wanna meet up whilst I'm there and come see parklife with me?

    I don't know many of the bands and I haven't got a plan in mind, so it's going to be disorganised and fun.

    Who's in? :cool:
  2. oh, I'll be booking my tickets on Friday, and I'll prob buy the "more expensive ticket"
  3. pfft. one word: defqon
  4. i'm more into rock n roll, alternative, punk, jazz, soft rock, hard rock, alternative rock - think JJJ, MMM and older stuffs.

    defqon looks like dance / dj'ing?
  5. haha yeh, (very) hard styles of dance music.

    I'm also really into the older rock of most genres.
  6. i can't do dance music... i just don't really get into it unless it's to go to sleep after a really long day or to clean my room.
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    fair enough, dance music is very hit and miss. I dont like most dance music to be honest, its pretty well awful. However, I would be surprised if you have heard this stuff before, its pretty underground. It is to dance music what black metal is to rock - completely over the top unnecessary and totally awesome. So much energy.

    [media=youtube]0pknCF7hseY[/media] (have to skip to about 2:15 before it starts properly)

    [media=youtube]JMIUU9zUYMI[/media] - the epitome of hard dance music

    edit: thrown in for good measure: [media=youtube]xNjWuVK8D28[/media]
  8. I just got back from Splendour and that was the best festival ive been to.

    Went to parklife 2 years ago and didnt really enjoy it, a lot of f-wits feel the need to go for some reason
  9. i could hang around f-wits if the music is okay n i have some company
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    Continuing one of the threads of conversation...

    Electronica has loads of sub-genres. From the top of my head: ambient, trance, drum'n'bass, house, techno, industrial, dubstep. And I have only a passing interest in it. So if the selection you have heard so far is limited, it could be that you just haven't found the right flavour yet.

    mbHzdG2bR1A[/media]]Engine-EarZ Experiment - Kaliyuga is well worth a listen, whether you're into dubstep or not.
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    So true. I personally think those prior links relating to Defqon are craptacular.
    GREAT find!! Cheers!
  12. #12 Ljiljan, Aug 4, 2010
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    hmm. dubstep is very on and off for me. Mt Eden have done some brilliant productions (sierra leone and i'll be there for you) but in general I find it pretty crud. Much prefer liquid dnb and rave breaks and the old school breakbeat hardcore. If you like breakbeat hardcore and dnb, check out Luna-C and his supasets
  13. I love my house and drum'n'bass.
    Also miss seeing vinyl DJ's (Fatboy Slim), but producers like Deadmau5 bring out awesome stuff without.
  14. I came across it in a thread on another forum a while back, and figured it worth sharing here. Their other work is interesting, too.
  15. until you realise that he's only made two or three different tracks
  16. if you dont like dance music then you probly want to steer clear of parklife. I go every year, and while theres a couple of names on the line up that are kinda band-ish its still a total dance music festival. Mostly all electro.
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    This might help
  18. hmmm we'll see :)
  19. Worse case*, you get sick of it and wander off 'n find a pub to distract yourself from the horror of wasting $200.

    *Actually, worst case is that it turns out to be a cover for malicious, sadistic aliens who end up abducting you to torture to death and eat (not sequentially), over the course of decades. They would, obviously, have far more advanced and painful methods of torture than we have so far devised.

    Well, that isn't really the worst that could happen, but I haven't gone thinking about it long and hard, and the universe is far more creative and detailed than I could ever be.
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    :shock:[-( GTFO! [-:)shock:

    Watch out for these guys if you start hearing dub-step