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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by OzzyDevil, May 2, 2012.

  1. I don't know if this has been said before i did a quick search but nothing...

    Owning a motorbike what place can u park with out getting fines... I once parked my bike on a foot path near a shop.. I went down the west-link in Melbourne under the Bridge... So what r the rules for parking like that i don't want to get a fine thats all...

  2. Wish they had the same rules in Sydney
  3. Sorry Smee :(
  4. You can park on the footpath anywhere... as long as it doesn't obstruct traffic and pedestrians.. for example you cant park your bike in the middle of Flinders street station.
  5. Things to watch out for..

    Do not obstruct access to parking meter machines, even if someone could reach over your bike to use it, have seen people booked for this.

    Do not park on telco access holes or man hole covers.

    Rule of thumb is far enough from the gutter to allow someone to park a vehicle there & be able to open their door to exit said vehicle.

    Being considerate by not parking in front of stairs leading into buildings, happens at my work all the time where there is ample room down & up the street for bikes.

    You will find some places in Melbourne where bikes are parked under the lee of a building, not sure how this becomes acceptable but I get the feeling some building owners are pragmatic & would rather that then bikes out further on the footpath.

    Just observe where people park bikes, get a feel for where is acceptable & not obstructing pedestrians..

    And try to read thru that other thread, has some good info in it.. Some of which I may have repeated here, sorry if thats the case, didn't want to trawl thru the 6 pages worth :p
  6. Ok thanks guys... I wouldn't park it at flinders Street station coz it would be on the floor in seconds with all them people around there...
  7. It was a bit of a joke mate.. hence in the "middle" of flinders street station..

    The easiest way to know where to park is... find where everyone else is.. park next to them, and make sure you park next to a more expensive bike.
  8. See if you can spot a building camera, where you park, in case something does happen, you may be able to retrieve footage, particularly in a criminal matter.
  9. So they will steal his bike and not mine hehe i love that idea....
  10. Plus this is a good way of not paying for parking meters too i guess..
  11. Now ask him about nodding
  12. You're evil GreyBM!

    Re parking, also not a good idea to park against the building wall. People with limited/no eyesight may use the wall for directional imput (for example).
  13. Erck, Splutter....coffee spurting out of nose...
    Darn you Grey!!! LOL