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Parking your motorcycle. What's the go in your State?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by flash, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. *Sigh* It seems that everytime I find a good parking spot around my place of work (in Perth CBD) the City Council find a way of ruining it. Anyone in Perth knows the Horseshoe Bridge next to the railway station, and may remember when those arches underneath were open for vagabonds to get out of the rain, or, during the day, for motorbikes to park in. Well the Council blocked those up quick-smart. Or parking behind the trees that line the roads; not causing any harm, but not paying for a ticket either. So the Council, the dog-in-a-manger mob that they are, installed motorcycle bays with metres and started fining people for parking behind the trees. It's such a petty mentality.

    ANYWAY, my question is directed at the states other than W.A. What's the case with parking in your CBDs? Last I heard, citizens of Melbourne staged a protest, so to speak, by parking a single motorcycle in each and every parking bay in the city, to the frustration of car drivers. Is this true? If so, it might be about time to follow the example elsewhere. It's hard to imagine anyone as bad as the Perth Council ... except for perhaps the Fremantle Council.

    So, thoughts?
  2. Councils all over Australia are getting tough on all motorists because they have found that parking fines are a real cash cow.


    So the councils and the RTA make all this money ..... then they blow it on this sort of politically correct crap ....


    I tell you what I would like to see, a well organised protest to give the city back to the people.

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  4. Good. Then let's stop talking about it and do it.
    For stuff like this to be noticed a major number of riders have to make a co-ordinated effort, say, blocking each lane of the Harbour Bridge from 7 to 9am on a weekday. The TV stations can be alerted the night before, and are guarenteed to provide coverage including what we wish to achieve. A working toll system, or no tolls at all, reduced or free parking...you get the idea.
    For this to work we need people who are willing to be arrested. Simple. Because peaceful or not, the cops WILL begin forcefully removing protestors. This process may also have to be repeated for any sort of change to take effect.
    And finally, don't expect the MCA or any other 'major voice' of the riding community to back this action...unless it eventually brings about change, in which case they will beat their chests and proclaim that they were there on the frontlines.
    So...any takers?
  5. There are a few things that are worth fighting for and parking on the footpath is one of them. This is one of the reasons that makes it cost effective to ride to work, if I could not do this then I may well just drive a car. Oh and if it is shitty weather or I am working late I park in the underground car park under my building, just zip around the barrier and Robert's your mothers brother.

    I love free parking.
  6. It's time for the other states to follow Victoria on footpath parking, I reckon. Here's how to get started: forget about influencing local councils, they are the benficiaries of fees and fines so they don't want any kind of change. You need to start lobbying the STATE government. Protests will have very little effect in most cases. What you need to do is get the motoring organisations - and most particularly the industry bodies - to do the hard work of lobbying. Frame a set of realistic and acceptable guidelines and publish them. Lobby the distributors to push the issue with politicians, ESPECIALLY the distributors of scooters. They will see it as in their interests to get this up. Local councils will oppose this, but your job is to cast them as self-interested, and greedy profiteers. Try to show them as opposing a greener alternative, for their own profit.
    Scooter are your biggest weapon in this campaign!
    You need to be targeting the state transport minister, and especially the department's advisory staff. infrastructure departments could also be useful. Strike now, and keep up the pressure!
  7. 2 things Flash;

    1. Theres no point organising a parking protest involving parking one bike in each car bay because in the City of Perth bikes are not allowed to park in car bays, even if they buy a ticket. So the rangers would just fine everyone, thereby achieving nothing.

    2. Fremantle is actually the most bike friendly city i know of in WA. There are heaps of bike parking bays and if you cant find one you can park in a car bay as long as you buy a ticket if needed.

    Some regularity in parking regulations would be nice. Why do the rules need to be different from council to council? Well i know why, because none of them (apare from Freo) even consider bikers.
  8. Here in Adelaide motorcycle parking is free in the CBD but spaces are very limited. Footpath parking is the way to go like in Victoria but I doubt very much that we will see that come into effect.
  9. For that? No.

    Parking doesn't bother me in Sydney too much. It is always going to be expensive and BS whatever you're driving.
    The best way around it is to just have the guts to park where you aren't supposed to - as long as you know that particular loading dock will not be used in the next 6 hours etc.

    Protest action is fine, but it needs to be organised and reflect community standards.
    In all truth - parking fines are necessary to prevent public storage of vehicles, keep things moving along and protect private parking spots.
    Coupled with the wider comunities absolute JEALOUSY of any advantage we motorcyclists have [lane splitting, parking anywhere, etc] - means any vote or referendum will most likely not swing in our favour.

    ... and getting arrested, missing work, etc for a protest ride that annoys everyone else on the road AND accomplishes nothing isn't my idea of a good time.

    If a particular area suddenly gets metered and signed and it really bothers you - go cut them down.

    I'm not going to protest against speed cameras - but if they bring a 2km/hour tolerance to NSW and put them in sneaky spots, I'll be spray-painting lenses like there's no tomorrow.

    We all know why speed cameras exist, despite the RTA's lies.
    It makes money.
    If enough cameras/etc get damaged for the exercise to be unprofitable - it will be abandoned.
  10. I am amazed at how your mind works. In one sentence you say protests have to be aligned with community standards and that getting arrested is not your idea of a good time. Then in another you are advocating cutting down parking signs and spray painting speed camera lenses.

    And how the hell do you know for sure that loading zone isn't going to be used in the next 6 hours. You don't but you obviously tell yourself it is OK to obstruct someone else's rights as long as you can justify it.

    No wonder cagers get the shits when they see riders displaying these sorts of attitudes.
  11. Some mornings, Greg, I'm amazed it works at all :grin:

    I mean - blanket changes to laws or parking management are INCREDIBLY unlikely to happen, as they sort of are required.
    And the majority of the population drive cars, and are quite jealous of riders anyway, so they aren't going to vote for improved or cheaper parking for bikes [or waste their time blocking up the Harbour Bridge - which I think would annoy drivers just as much/more].

    Loading zones?
    I'm talking about the enormous rusty gates in some back alley in the city that has so many cars parked along it that a truck couldn't get in anyway, and has "Lowding Zone: Pleez do not to be parkig here thankyou" in runny spray paint on them.

    How do I know they won't be used in the next few hours?
    I can tell.
    It's one of my powers.

    Cagers get the shits regardless:
    - every time a motorcycle overtakes them.
    - every time a motorcycle filters between them at a set of lights.
    - every time they see us filling a tank for $15.
    - every time we park right near the entrance to the shopping centre in that little alcove they have.
    - every time their wife pays more attention to that guy on the bike than them.

    I don't think my attitude on a bike forum has much effect.

    No-one wants to go to gaol. I'm saying - if there's an insanely sneaky speed camera you object to, or a parking zone put in purely to make money off people with cancer trying to park to see their specialist etc.
    IE if you as an intelligent individual, familiar with this countries laws, culture, sense of community and justice - have a significant problem with one of these devices: and you know it is wrong for it to be there; then if you know it won't be removed by the elected officials profiting from it - remove it yourself.

    If that happens to be illegal - make sure you don't get caught.

    You look at instances of cashcow... I mean "Speed Cameras" being installed in some states in the US. The government put them in and told the people it's for their own good - the people did so much damage to those cameras that they were unusable, unprofitable, and so they were removed.
    Similar thing is happening in the UK.
  12. When I lived there I was very pleased to see the motorcycle community in Melbourne has a significant voice, maybe due to the GP and S'bikes being such a money spinner? and yes, as far as I know, a fair few years ago when they were going to remove the pavement parking in the CBD, the bikes all went and parked in the CBD in a parking space (paid parking space) - one to each space and then moved hourly to the next space, so no laws broken - and hence left no spots for cars, after which the pavement parking stayed.

    My impression however in NSW when I lived there is that there is much less of a voice and a lot fewer ways to protest legally... paying for the M2 on bikes was a shock to the system after citylink in Melb, and blocking the harbour bridge in the morning would just get a whole heap of motorists and pollies backs up, which would probably lead to more restrictions/fines/charges for bikes (although NSW does have the LAMS system, which I think is a really good system)

    Now living in Tassie they seem to be kind of between the 2... there are plenty of places to park, most car parks have a bike dedicated area and while I believe pavement parking is not legal :?: there are a few places you can do it.
  13. I'm happy to say things seem relatively good in the brisbane CBD. We have 3-4 major free-bike-parking areas (50+) on each edge of the CBD, a medium-sized one on charlotte street, as well as a random smattering of spots deeper inside. (The QUT one has actually be shut for a while with energex doing some stuff, I'm not sure if/when it is going to reopen.)

    Provided you know where they are you can pretty much always park for free in the CBD provided you don't mind a 15 minute walk if your destination is on the other side. That said, the parks did fill up when they shut down the riverside expressway.

    Technically, some of them are illegal (except QUT and charlotte st) as they are unmarked and on pedestrial footpath areas which is a ticketable offense. However they are also quite out of the way and I haven't heard of the council booking people unless they are parking in such a way as to prevent access to the footpath (or maybe they are just waiting for one day for it to all be full when they can absolutely HAMMER us).

    Fortunately most of this is a nonissue for me since I found out the building I work at has free undercover parking - which has reduced the amount of outdoor walking from 600m to 0 :grin:
  14. parking on the footpath rules :p
  15. Melbourne's good for footpath parking because the sidewalks are generally very wide and it's easy to park without getting in anyone's way. I know that's not true of parts of Sydney but there'd be a good argument for it in Adelaide.
  16. I work in Melbournes CBD so I park on the footpath... but I was under the impression that it isn't a state thing but a Melbourne council thing?
  17. where do you park near south bank?.... there use to be good parking but they put no bike parking there.
  18. Hm, fraid I don't make my way southside that oftne, so I have no idea.
  19. I think your right mate. Parking is a local council matter over here and i'm sure its the same in Vic.
  20. Parking is definitely a state by state thing so you need to check your local rules. Also beware that local councils enforce rules differently, which is one of the problems with bike parking in NSW as none of the metered/timed areas account for bikes parking more than one to a space. NSW Police handed parking enforcement over to the councils a year or two ago and the councils are milking it for all it is worth. Fine revenue has TRIPLED since then.

    For NSW bike parking issues see:

    For the record for NSW(as far as I know):
    - Can't park on a public footpath under any circumstance(if you can get it onto private property, say a tiled area outside a building then it becomes a private issue and gets more complicated. May still be illegal.
    - If you park in a ticketed area, by law you have to buy a ticket AND display it. This is despite it being totally impractical.
    - By law you are not allowed to park more than one bike to a ticketed space. Again, lack of consideration of bikes in transport planning.

    On the displaying a ticket issue, it comes down to how each local councils enforce it. If you take the ticket with you because you are worried it will get stolen or blow away, the council will fine you but if you provide proof of the ticket, they may rescind the fine. However some councils don't give a shit and will refuse to rescind the ticket as you didn't display it properly.