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Parking Woes - How Many Bikes Can Fit In A Single Car Spot?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bignose, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. When parking at shopping centres or for that matter any unmetered/unregulated car parking space,would it be unreasonable for fellow riders to park over to one side,allowing room for a fellow motorcyclist to slot in beside.I know it's not a big issue and some will say they worry about getting their bike scratched etc but even where motorcycle only parking is available we're often lined up like sardines in a can,I even had to laugh in the rush before Xmas to see someone had managed to squeeze a 4WD softroader into the Motorcycle parking bay at my local mall.Anyway,just an observation and we know how a lot of non-motorcyclists glare angrily to see one bike in "their" spot,regardless that you may be two people to their one.

  2. i always park allowing enough room for another bike.

    if it's parallel parking i'll park perpendicular and then heaps of bikes can share my spot
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  3. Its fine and I haven't got any complaints, as long as they have enough space to get on and get out without to much difficulty.
    The only big No would be moving their bike to get yours in.

    Being Victorian I always try to park on footpaths to avoid conflict with car drivers and saving them knock it over trying to park or fly into the carpark thinking its empty.
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  4. Yeah, I always leave space for other bikes too. Except at the shopping centre, which is invariably full of ridiculous unnecessarily-large Landcruisers that don't even see a gravel driveway. Fortunately, there's lots of places to park on some of the traffic islands & so on...
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  5. They converted 2 parking spots in our work garage to bike parking. Can take up to 6 bikes/scooters. It's usually a 50/50 mix.
  6. If its on the open end of a lot, then five, otherwise in between barriers I would say three to four maximum, this is presuming the use of side stands.
  7. Parallel parking the number is 4-7 depending on how well the riders know each other.
  8. This.
    There's usually some good space undercover away from the sun or rain on shopping centre footpaths.
  9. What's shopping?
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  10. When you go to the bike shop and buy bike parts, riding gear instead of buying that stuff online (old fashioned I know but some people still do it that way) :)
  11. 1. Going to a bike shop is 'acquiring life's fundamental necessities'. Positive action.
    2. 'Shopping' makes me shake and cry like a girl. Negative action.
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  12. Just so you know, it's illegal in some Victorian local government areas for two vehicles to share one parking space, and both vehicles can be issued with an infringement for doing so. Don't ask me how I know unless you want to witness an infantile tanty.
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  13. If I parked my bike, and left - and someone else later parked in the same park without my consent - how has that got anything to do with me or my actions? I'd be tempted to take that one to court.
  14. It wouldn't honestly surprise me, our government officials pride themselves on making the most bizarre laws for unlikely situations which are non issues then managing to screw the situation up more. I've never had a problem personally but thanks for warning us.
  15. I did, but I lost. The problem was that I didn't properly read the infringement notice. I assumed it was just for an expired meter (I was so much of a noob I didn't even know I could park on the footpath back then). The first I knew that another bike had parked next to me was when the council's brief produced a photo of another bike sat next to mine!
    A more properly prepared defendant than I might have beaten it.
    In any case I have ever since parked on the footpath where it cannot happen again.
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  16. That's why I stated unregulated/unmetered parks...we know too well they are all about revenue,not sensibility
  17. The bike shop is about 3 km away,or 30 km via the scenic route which is faster.
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  18. Shopping is the reason I need to make three or four trips to get done when I could have done it in one trip in the car
  19. My heartfelt sympathies for our Mexican brethren,I do recall a way back when the then MRA staged a parking protest on a Saturday morning in the CBD in Brisbane,one bike in every car space ,and as the meters expired,another ready to take it's place....dedicated motorcycle parking soon followed
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  20. The thought that six people on three motorcycles,or even three people on three motorcycles taking the space of one person in a car is absurd....plant more trees