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Parking Vent

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by NSSherlock, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Not a near miss but a Vent about Parking in somewhere with a big NO PARKING written on the ground. I was in a cage but needed to be.

    This afternoon I needed to take my mother to the doctors at Pottsville in Northern NSW. She is frail and uses a walker and I'm on crutches recovering from a broken knee. So, it's a struggle for us to get mostly anywhere especially when I need to get the
    There's a carpark under the arcade that the Doctors Surgery is in. Rain has been on and off here.
    I go to drive into the carpark and there's an excuse for a little red 2 door "sportscar" parked across the entrance right on top of the "No Parking" writing. No choice but to park well away and hobble over. There were parks inside the carpark and I could have driven in through the exit except that the exit is super narrow and difficult to turn in to - much easier to get out that way though.
    The menatality of the fool that parked there is obvious. Not only did he totally ignore the No Parking writing but his little red sportscar (I think it was a 2 litre) had a mega crack on the windscreen right in front of the driver. It also had Qld plates which isn't uncommon around here - many try to get away with not transferring rego to NSW to avoid inspections.

    As I was leaving I bent over the car and checked out the size of the crack in the windscreen. The owner came charging at me yelling abuse and I told him exactly where to go. If I hadn;t been on crutches then .... He claimed he paid for 3 parking spaces. Well, if he can't park in them then secure them or take it up with management but don't obstruct others because you think your little red piece of sh!t is worth any more than your tiny ego. There are ellderly and ill people who at least should be able to easily access the doctors when they need to - even just being able to get into the carpark if there are no vacant spaces (which is rare) makes it easier.

    So, only a minor rant but a p!ss off at the mentatlity of some fools that think they are "above" everyone else.

  2. rise above. mate google it it will calm you down
  3. Should have taken your mum on back and parked right in front.
  4. This reminds me of something I saw over the christmas when parking is tricky at shopping centres, a lady parked her aston martin in an elderly parking spot, and another lady was asking her why she was parking there. Aston Martin lady's response was "This is a $300,000 car and I'll be only parking it for a short while"...

    I was just walking by so didn't listen to the end of their conversation, but all I could do was smirk at her reply...

    one day they'll make VIP spots at carparks for those special people and their cars to park in.
  5. God what a retarded idea! I would never park my car in an elderly spot! They have a habit of just swinging open doors without looking and scratching paint with walkers & God knows what else!

    Same reason I'll never park in Parents with Prams! I hate these with a passion but imagine what a stressed out mother can do with an out of control pram and 4 toddlers runnunig around!!
  6. So was it the Doctors red sports car? :)
  7. Nah. I think it was an old bloke from the Real Estate agents. The "main" doctor (one that owns the practice) owns a Scooter and parks it on the 1st level out of the way in a corner.
  8. Some people have no clue or respect, and as for that aston martin woman.. should of keyed her car, disabled spots are for the people who need them, not for some smug rich biatch to park her car closer to the front door.. i don't give a shit if its 300k park where you're supposed to.
  9. It wasn't a disabled spot.

    Why does someone slightly inconveniencing you entitle you to f*ck with their personal property?

    & Where do you draw the line?

    "Well, this Learner motorcyclists cut me off & wasn't doing the speed limit so I ran him over"
  10. If its $300k they should be able to afford private parking
  11. Nah, let the air out of a tyre - no permanent damage that way unless she is stupid enough to run on a flat. Then record the woman changing a tyre on a 300,000 car. Wonder if she even knows where the spare is.

    If feeling really mean let two down.