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Parking unregistered bike in a Bike parking zone Sydney CBD

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pOint_01, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Is it legal to park an unregistered bike in one of those new bike parking zones in Sydney CBD?

    also...if the bike was registered, is it legal to have the bike parked there for an unlimited amount of time?

    thanx in advance!

    - Mike.
  2. No

    and yes.
  3. Do you have to pay for parking?

    ... so do you mean "Can I avoid a parking ticket because my bike isn't registered?"

    - coz in theory if it has no number-plate, isn't registered, and they can't get an engine/chassis number off it; then it can't be traced to you, so they couldn't make a fine stick.

    :arrow: but they'd probably just tow your bike instead.
  4. Welcome to Netrider. ;)
  5. +1 klutu

    Oh .. and Welcome to NR :wink:
  6. The answer is unregistered vehicles should not be on the road, thus not parked anywhere either. They will slap a big friendly red sticker on the windscreen saying that it is unregistered/abandoned and it will eventually get towed.

    I think a guy was trying to do this in the laneway behind The Vault (on Pitt St, close to cnr of King). I can't remember what bike it was - I think a GSXR (similar rear end from memory) had parked illegally and also had no plates or rego. Sure enough, he got stung.

    On a side note - that used to be an awesome spot to park (up the laneway beside The Vault, along the wall of CBA's offices). It was very Melbournesque. Now parking inspectors have gone all Nazi and it's a baron wasteland!

    So what is this about new motorcycle parking?? :shock:

    ps. Hey Mike - I didn't know you rode!! What happened to the hatch??
  7. Yep. With most councils if they see an unregistered vehicle parked on the streets it's towed away and sold at auction (since without rego the owner can't be identified and the vehicle is presumed to have been dumped).
  8. does that mean if i see an unregistered vehicle i am entitled to "take it home" lol :LOL:
  9. I think there's laws covering this - remember the guy who 'found' a hundred or so big ones in an unmarked bag and kept it? He was charged by police for I can't remember what after someone dobbed him in for not telling authorities about his find.
  10. ^^ hehe. <starts new thread> "so who has an unregistered bike or car atm???"
  11. If you find an abandoned vehicle, and report it to the police, I think there's a form you can fill in that's basically "I found this vehicle apparntly abandoned. If the owner can not be found, I would like to claim it."

    So, no - you are not entitled to take it home - but if the owner can not be tracked down, there is allowance for a finders-keepers rule ^_^
  12. Depends on the vigilance of the council.

    I've seen some vehicles with no plates and a big yellow sticker on the windscreen sit for months without the council doing anything.

    On a sidenote, there was a dumped late model magna in my street for a month or two. The other night I came across two of my neighbours pushing it into their garage. At it boys!
  13. Today the magna. Tomorrow QuarterWits bike.
  14. park it at my place. big backyard, i promise to look after it but i will need the key of course :LOL:
  15. thanx for you response guys! and thanx for welcoming me to netrider!@

    The reason i asked was, i was thinking of getting an unregistered bike and leaving it in the parking bay until i got it registered and then leave my bike there as a permanent parking spot after i got the rego....

    hey Jase! i havent seen u in ages....do u ride?....i only just got my L's....i still have the hatch...
  16. Your bike would disappear! If the council doesn't get it then someone else will and worst bit about it is what insurance would you have?

    Hey mate - yeah I've been riding for a while now! We should meet up and go for a ride some time, there's a whole bunch of us - a mix of Ps to Fulls but they accomodated me when I was on my Ls.
  17. hehe thanx jase....but let me get my bike first! :) anyone u know selling a cheap 250?
  18. And the next, the world!
  19. There was a torana in my area that was dumped for ages and after a few months the sticker showed up on the windscreen and after a few months of that I gave in and started ripping parts off it. It took months before they took it to the wreckers.