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Parking tickets Sydney CBD

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hoony, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Just a heads up for everyone who has parked their bike under the overpass between Clarence & Kent st – there is a parking cop fining everyone :(

  2. I thought bikes are not subject to parking fines?
  3. Motorcycles do not have to purchase tickets or pay to park in the parked bays in Sydney CBD anymore.

    Being illegally parked, or parking for longer than the bay permits one to park, can still incur a fine.
  4. I think that they wouldnt fine anyone providing that they park on the road for ther limit that the sign says.
    Chances are this is just a spot where people park on the footpath or something?
  5. Is that the bit where there's the road leading to the bridge right next to it and is like the mecca of motorcycles?
  6. does anyone know offhand how many bikes are in sydney CBD?
  7. thats a bit like asking "how long is a piece of string?"
    Theres 607 bike only parking spaces plus all the bikes that can now park for free in car spaces.
  8. The police don't care what a motorcycling strategy is and any initiatives, when they see a chance to raise some revenue and get the boss off there backs they are, As happy as a ........
  9. ok well how about the number of bikes registered in NSW. is that better?
  10. Back to topic... I have seen bikes parked there for at least a decade. If you cop a fine for parking there, then just send a letter to the infringement bereau and hopefully you'll be sweet and get a caution. Only problem would be if there are "no motorcycle parking" signs, which I don't ever recall seeing.

    I used to park under another section of the overpass (there's apartments there now) and one day a cop came along and ticketted everyone. We all wrote in and they not only reversed the tickets, but two days later there was a motorcycle only parking sign errected.

    Sometimes, just sometimes they show some common sense.

  11. ROFL, Made me spit coffee all over my screen, Thats Ace! :LOL:
  12. ^^^ lol oooppsss
  13. I got done there today for $81. I've been parking on the same spot for a year now.

    They recently started fining all the bikes that parked pass the overpass towards the bridge, so everyone started parking bikes in half the parking spots, as such people were obstructing the foot path.

    Up until today you could still get away with it if you didn't obstruct the path. There is now a sign that says no bike parking on one side of the bridge.

    This sucks because there are not enough bike parking bays where you can park all day in the area.
  14. Join the club, I got two tickets within two months recently. I have been parking in the CBD area for over a year without issues. Sydney City Council seems to let your guys to park illegally then come out once for a while to collect $$$. The only way to solve this problem is to have more free parking areas.
  15. i work directly behind that spot, walked past the other day and there were tickets galore!

    Down below on kent st, bikes used to park on the footpath but they've all stopped as well. when i parked there xmas eve a guy walking past warned me all the bikes there got tickets only a week earlier.

    Best tip i can give is park in a 4 hour spot, then move it to another 4 hour spot half way through the day.
  16. Of course we need more free parking spots in the city, but I also reckon things could get better if riders used a bit of common sense before parking illegally.

    I used to park in the front court area under the building right in front of my work (Phillip St), where there is an area, next to a pillar, where you can fit three bikes without blocking the pedestrian access. I shared the spot with another two riders for months and none of us got any tickets. In the last couple of months, the other riders finally discovered the spot and, while at first it just became a race to see who gets there earlier to get one of the three spots (which, by the way, is very annoying considering that I start later than most... but, well, fair enough), soon people started abusing and parking four or five bikes there, thus blocking the pedestrian pass (not that any pedestrian actually uses it, though, as it is inside the court area, but well...). It didn't take long until the city rangers noticed what was going on there and gave everyone a ticket.

    My beloved parking spot was now gone and since then I have moved somewhere else. But because the place is right in front of my building, I kept observing what was going on there. In the week right after it happened again, the place got crowded and every bike got a ticket (there were seven bikes parked there on that day!! :!: ). That got the place empty for a couple of weeks, until last week, when the bikes started parking there again.

    I've seen ten bikes parked there on Monday and at least eight yesterday. This time, the riders are also parking next to every other pillar under that building, in an area where there are "No Parking" signs clearly displayed. It won't take much longer until the rangers come and put an end to the party and I'm sure that place will never be unnoticed again.

    There is no way we can fit the thousands of bikes that park in the city everyday in the ~600 free parking spots available, so the best we can do is to preserve the 'other' spots. It is really annoying to see such a perfect parking spot gone (it is even under cover), spoiled by the very own riders that need it so much. :cry:

    Please, fellows, if you see a bike parked illegaly, don't go park your bike next to it just because it seems to be a good spot. Use common sense to evaluate if your bike won't be pushing the limits for that spot. Keep the place in low profile and it will be there forever. :wink:

  17. gussteinberger - are you talking about all the bikes parking on the phillip street side of Goodsell building? Yeah I've definitely noticed a marked increase in bikes parked there over the last week or so. I thought perhaps this wasn't Sydney City Council turf as it would technically be private property (although I don't think the building is being used at the moment).
  18. Hi alleyway. Yeah, that's the exact spot and you're right, the building is not being used. I also thought that the rangers couldn't book bikes parked in private properties, but I learnt that's not necessarily true as everyone I know that parks their bikes in the CBD has at least one story of being booked while parked in private properties.

    The ticket I got at Phillip St states that I was blocking a pedestrian pass, although my bike was on a corner, by the wall, not blocking anyone's way. It has been over two months and so far I haven't received the infraction notice in my mailbox, so there is still hope...

    The worst about parking under that building these days, is that it is becoming a trap. It may seem okay to park there when you get there in the morning, but as the morning passes, heaps of other bikes park there as well and suddenly you are exposed to being fined because the others didn't worry that the place is already full of bikes or just couldn't bother looking for another spot. Those who don't go check on their bikes during lunchtime, could never guess how many bikes are parked there during the day.
  19. from the discussions i've had with the many rangers hanging around pyrmont, they really only target bikes that are in peoples way, or if people complain about them, if there is a complaint, they will generally come down THAT DAY and whack a fine on it...

    Considering you can fit 4-5 bikes in the space one car takes up surely they can give up another 100meters or so of car space around the city, that would open it up heaps!

    in pyrmont , the bike parking is in really weird places, and not near any of the buildings that lots of people work in

    (nice bike parking spot outside some of the expensive unit blocks though, wonder how that got through the council? :D